What Not To Do On Your Thanksgiving Flight Home.

What Not To Do On Your Thanksgiving Flight Home. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Thanksgiving is finally here, which means you’ll be traveling by plane to visit your family. And in a few days, you’ll be heading back using the same mode of transportation. This means you can expect long lines at the airport, and some really nasty stuff.

We’re not just talking about babies screaming their heads off, or people talking too loudly in the middle of the night. We’re calling out all those passengers who seem to forget that that a plane isn’t a private jet. If you happen to be the one making people uncomfortable, then here are some things you should avoid doing on your Thanksgiving flight home.You have hands and fingers, so use them to play poker or change the channel on those screens in front of you. No one else on the plane wants to smell or look at your stinky, sweaty feet touching that monitor.

Doing yoga in such a confined space might put you in touch with your mind, body, and spirit, but it will also tick people off.

Pretty soon you’ll be getting in touch with someone’s fist for blocking the bathroom.

Just because you can afford a cabin that lets you sleep like you were in your own bed, it doesn’t give you the right to walk around baring it all for the other passengers to see.

But if you do it, shave at least.

If your seating accommodations are uncomfortable, then boo-hoo princess.

Consider buying a first-class ticket next time. But don’t make the person in front of you miserable by using their chairs as your foot rest.

Um, no way.

You can MacGyver your way to a more comfortable seating arrangement, but when you attach something to the emergency exit hatch’s latch, you’re really blowing everyone away.

At least this lady was nice enough to put a pad in front of the door of the cockpit so that her dog could take a dump on the floor and wreck everyone’s nostrils with the foul stench.

Sure hope it wasn’t dinner time.

It can be a hairy situation when your ponytail can put the passenger behind off to eating anything while on the flight.

Just don’t be surprised if someone snips that thing off next time this happens.

It looks like the guy on the right decided that watching reruns of “Modern Family” on his chair display wasn’t entertaining enough, so he blew up his own form of entertainment.

Yeah, don’t this on a plane, ever.

It’s not that we’re trying to be mean or anything, but unless you’re David Beckham, keep the shirt on.

There’s a reason why they don’t provide service to people without shirts. They should include that rule on planes.

Maybe you need it to help you sleep, or to keep your weave from getting messed up.

But it’s way too creepy. Besides, you don’t want strangers walking up to you and checking your pulse every two minutes.

Using a seat as a place to hang your bras or any other kind of intimate apparel is just wrong.

But if your bra is really hurting your girls, just go to the restroom, take it off, and stick it in your purse.

When the term “crow’s feet” doesn’t apply to the wrinkles around your eyes but those nasty claws you call toes, it’s time to consider leaving that pedicure to the professionals.

A plane isn’t your personal beauty salon.

**The doctor prescribed some moving around, stretching of the legs, and taking it easy, but doing yoga on the ceiling?** That’s unheard of.

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You’re stuck on a plane with a bunch of strangers, so why don’t you leave the personal grooming at home and enjoy the flight.

No one needs to see your significant other popping those blackheads on your nose.

No need to go all Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble and walk around barefoot inside the cabin.

If you want to stay comfortable, come into the 21st century and wear some flip-flops when you’re out and about.

You can’t use those seats like they were a nice comfy mattress for you and your significant other.

Remember that there’s always someone with a phone ready to take a snap to share.

If you assumed that this is what the flight attendant meant when they discussed the different types of crashing positions, you are way off.

You’re a grown-up, so put those feet down and sit like an adult.

Imagine how annoying it is to everyone else listening to you chomp and chew like a horse as you bite and suck on those corn kernels.

We get that you can’t wait to eat those Thanksgiving leftovers, but try anyway.

When you get home, take your shoes off, grab your phone and take snaps to upload to Instagram.

You don’t need to be stinking up the cabin. Remember, it’s a small space and odors travel faster than planes.

Sporting claws that make Wolverine look harmless is your business.

But use some good judgment when you’re traveling with those things. Even resting your hands on a chair’s head rest can be dangerous for others.

If you’ve got artificial limbs or dentures, make sure they stay attached to your body, particularly the latter.

No one wants to pick up your lost icky dentures full of saliva and come find you.

Okay, so hand-holding might be alright. But try to avoid going overboard.

Remember that you’re in public. Children are watching and people are judging you, especially those with camera phones.

There are two things most people simply can’t handle. Snakes on a plane can be a real nightmare, but so can a huge spider.

It doesn’t matter if he’s a part of your family. To everyone else, it’s a reason to make an emergency landing.

Whoever the parents are should get an award for worst parents ever.

Putting your baby on the floor is the most dangerous thing you can do. One wrong step and it’s the baby who’ll pay the consequences.

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