What This Guy Did With Used Aluminum Cans Is Totally Insane.

What This Guy Did With Used Aluminum Cans Is Totally Insane. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A Japanese artist named Makaon, took recycling to whole new levels. He crafted artwork pieces from used aluminum tin cans, and the work is simply amazing.See the Coca Cola logo on the top of Mario’s hat, it clearly depicts that it is made out of a can.

You must be wishing that this would be somehow wearable.

Here is the perfectly built Wall-E.

For an instance I almost thought that it was a plastic made toy. It is perfectly built.

Gold plated puppy looks nice.

This is simply amazing. We can also call it Batcan.

Bad news! This one is also not wearable.

A unique piece of artwork indeed.

He simply nailed this one, even the helmet.

Truly an amazing finish.

This one will especially attract little girls since it is pink.

It is made from Carlsberg can.

This guy loves Toy Story characters.

Another Pokemon character.

Very creative, look at the expressions on Luigi’s face.

A unique gold insect.

One of the main characters from Pokemon.

And yet, amazing work with the expressions again.

Looks like the fish is moving through water.

Check out the symmetry in the colors.

This little horse is called Rainbow Dash from my little pony.

Your can see Charmander’s evolution.

At first glance it looks like that it is made of real flowers.

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