What This Mom Found Hiding In Her Daughter’s Toy Is Horrifying Beyond Belief.

What This Mom Found Hiding In Her Daughter’s Toy Is Horrifying Beyond Belief. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Kids feel that they never have enough toys. There is always a new, shiny, and pretty gadget that a child feels they just have to have. And as parents often tell their children that money doesn’t grow in trees, sometimes going to the dollar store to buy a small trinket will do the trick. Moms and dads innocently assume that stores will carry things that are aged appropriate. Adults do not want to expose their sons and daughters to offensive and violent images. Ensuring their kids have a happy, safe, and innocent childhood is part of a parent’s job. Nonetheless, families have found out that there is a toy that looks innocent and sweet enough but hides a macabre and dark image. The hidden photo is so disturbing that even a grown man and woman can feel scared. From now on it may be wiser to go through every toy before giving it to our kids to play with.It’s hard to imagine a store would carry anything but toys that will provide a positive experience for children.

The packaging has an anime character and snowflakes. It looks more like a princess wand in the shape of a flower than something dark and evil.

Nicole Allen picked the wand sitting among barbies and baby toys.

It is definitely not a unicorn or a magical being that appears. It’s something much more sinister not suitable for young children.

In reality, it plays a cackling laugh and lights up when turned on.

“I’m outraged. I want to know how they think that that is suitable for a child,” asks Allen.

A young girl is seen smiling diabolically with long fangs and blood dripping from her mouth. Her eyes are blurred white and red, making her appear possessed.

In the photo, the girl is using a large knife to slit her arms. You can see a large cut and blood.

It is unknown how many stores have lost clients because of their choice to sell this inappropriate gadget. Nonetheless, it serves as a stark reminder to parents that companies will do just about anything to make a buck.

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