What Your Body Shape Says About Your Personality.

What Your Body Shape Says About Your Personality. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The shape of one’s body can tell a lot about the person’s personalities, and coincidentally, it also tells you what kind of people he or she would be attracted to. Though they may seem like two very different things, they are related through the connection that all relationships have with one’s views on physical appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the body shapes and what kind of relationships they entail.The classic body shape indicates at a classic style of a relationship; straight and old-fashioned.

This body shape hints that the owner is the one who wear the pants in the relationship.

Quiet and conservative on the outside, wild and untamed on the inside.

People with the curves in all the right places may seem flirty when it could just have been good humor.

This shape might draw some attention, though the owner could just be shy and timid.

Though confident and strong, these people might be just a little too picky.

These people would give their all in their relationships, and would throw tantrums when the feelings are not mutual.

Fun and flirty, these people could care less what others think of them. Their relationships too are unconventional at times.

Women with this shape of body tend to prioritize their career over their relationships, but once they do take it seriously, it just wouldn’t stop.

This shape of body hints that the person would have sassy attitudes that drive people nuts.

This body shape is usually found on shy and timid people, though once they gain their confidence, their relationships too kick off.

Though often complimented for their bodies, pear shapes would love to be appreciated for what’s on their minds.

Being narrow and athletic at times signify someone who is shy and needs to speak up in relationship.

This represents a laid back and cool attitude, and these people gain the most out of their relationships.

People with this body tend to settle for less when they can get so much more.

Quirky, cute and lovable, though these people can often be led into unrewarding relationships.

This type of body spells confidence and comfort, though it does not mean that those are the relationships they end up with.

Almost like the hourglass body shape, this shape tells you that he or she is always ready to accept new things in a relationship.

Though it looks similar to the X shape, this type of body is different in the size of the waist. Women with this type of body tend to be picky and always wants to win in a relationship.

Similar to the rectangular shape, women in this type of body are less confident of themselves, though they are actually hiding a great jewel underneath.

Commonly found in veteran couples, this body shape signifies trust and reliability, and the relationship shows that they are relatively content with where they are.

Women with this body shape are less likely to cheat in a relationship, particularly because they have low self esteem and are a bit too trusting.

Often characterized with a loud action and demeanor, women with this type of body need partners who trust them and are very comfortable with them.

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