What’s In Her Hands Could Kill Her, But It’s Also Keeping Her Alive.

What’s In Her Hands Could Kill Her, But It’s Also Keeping Her Alive. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The advances in medicine have allowed millions of people around the world to live rich, fulfilled lives that they would otherwise not have at all. Being born with a medical condition does not have to be a life sentence. When Darin Borun was pregnant with her daughter in her native Russia, she was told her baby would never survive. The baby was born with Pentalogy of Cantrell, meaning her heart and intestines are outside of her chest. Furthermore, she does not have a diaphragm or abdominal muscles. But the miracle baby has beat the odds as she is a happy, bubbly, and thriving seven-year-old. Virsaviya Borun and her mom moved to the United States to receive better medical treatment. They initially made Massachusetts their home so she could be close to doctors from the Boston’s Children’s Hospital but the medical staff wants her to wait at least two years before they perform the surgery on the girl.The single mother and her child moved to Florida where the weather is better suited for her.

She has to take medication and wait at least two years before she has her surgery.

Her condition does not define her.

She is also a huge Beyonce fan.

The little girl also suffers two kidney conditions; pyelonephritis and pyelocystitis, as well as bladder dysfunction.

“I don’t have a family here. It’s just me and Virsaviya, but now I feel like I have a family because a lot of people just caring about us,” Dari admits. “They love us. They want to help.”

But despite the hurdles, she still loves her teacher and school.

The exact cause is unknown.

The medical costs for Virsaviya’s is still unclear as it is a complex care that may require more than one surgery.

“I know why I have heart outside. Because Jesus want [sic] to show he can make special things like me,” Virsaviya explains.

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