Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Stumped Everyone With Her Strange Guesses.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Stumped Everyone With Her Strange Guesses. July 24, 2020

Wheel Of Fortune is one of the most long-running and well-known game shows in history. It’s so entertaining and contestants are always trying to come up with strategies to beat the competition. But one woman left viewers totally dumbfounded. Nura Fountana played in a way that was unconventional. In fact, everyone was confused by her strategy. But when she explained the reason for her actions, the audience was stunned.

The show’s host, Pat Sajak, introduced the contestants, who were Steve, Tory, and Nura. But one of these three was about to play the game in a way that had never been done before. But aside from that, these contestants were all linked by an interesting past. However, the audience wasn’t sure what to expect until the truth was finally revealed about who these players really were.

One year, during Veterans’ week, Wheel Of Fortune did something amazing. They dedicated an episode to soldiers who were retired, and on active duty. To that end, these three contestants had all served in the military. But one woman, in particular, was about to make game show history. Nura Fountana won the first few rounds easily and earned $13,970 in the process. But her luck took a turn, and it was for the worst.

Although the episode had lined up a series of veterans, the game was extremely competitive and so were the people who were playing. Therefore, the studio audience and the ones watching at home expected these veterans to perform admirably. But one woman totally changed the way the game was played. Nura Fountana’s odd gameplay left everyone flabbergasted.

Nura’s gameplay had changed rather quickly and she started playing in a suspicious way. During the final speed round, Nura made a selection that was unusual. While her fellow competitors chose popular letters like N or T, Nura took a bigger risk and chose the letter Z. No one was shocked when the board didn’t light up. After all, Z was fairly uncommon on Wheel Of Fortune. So why did Nura pick such an unorthodox letter?

People didn’t think highly of Nura’s letter choice. Maybe she had picked that letter to get the difficult letters out of the way. Regardless, she had a couple of turns left and the audience hoped that Nura would find a way to land on top. As the round continued, her opponent picked the letter “T,” which was correct. Now it was Nura’s turn. But her next choice made people’s heads turn even more.

Was there a method to her proverbial madness when she picked the letter Q? People were shocked by her second letter choice. It almost seemed like Nura didn’t really want to win. So, people started to wonder about her strategy. Maybe she was deliberately losing so she could come out on top in the end! That would definitely be an amazing outcome if she managed to redeem her actions. But then, things got even weirder.

People were really starting to wonder about Nura’s gameplay. Even the show’s host, Pat Sajak, looked confused. He had never seen anyone play the game this way before. Usually, the contestant with the highest wins, would lead his or her way towards victory. But Nura wasn’t doing that all. So, when Nura was up again, the audience held their breaths as they waited to see what she would do next.

Nura’s actions weren’t only affecting the live studio audience. The viewers at home decided to go on social media and flood the platform with a series of tweets. They just couldn’t understand why Nura was doing this. As the round got closer to Nura again, people across America were on pins and needles. The live studio audience and Twitter users hung on to the words that came out of her mouth, and what she said was shocking.

Nura had one more chance to pick the right letter during the speed round. But the letter she picked made everyone’s jaw drop. Nura had picked the letter X, which was another letter that was rarely picked in the game. It seemed that she was setting herself up to fail and people couldn’t believe it. As soon as she said the letter, the audience sighed. But then, Nura decided it was time to reveal why she was doing this.

Nura lost the round and missed out on taking home $33,000, especially after she didn’t guess the phrase “by appointment” correctly. But then, Nura decided to share her strategy with the audience. Nura wanted to lose all along. She never intended to win any more money than she had already won in the first couple of rounds. But why participate on a game show if you’re going to lose? Nura also clarified this and her reasoning left everyone very surprised.

Nura explained that she wanted all the veterans who participated on the show to go home with a little money, so she decided to give them the opportunity by losing. This selfless act made everyone cry. There’s no place for selflessness on a game show. But this woman put the needs of her fellow veterans ahead of her own, and people respected her for that. She might not have won tons of money, but she won people over, and social media went cray-cray.

After her revelation, social media lit up. Even people who had started to question Nura’s sanity were speechless. In general, people went on various social media platforms to praise Nura. They had been in suspense throughout the game, but when she revealed why she did what she did, people fell in love with her. Everyone was moved by Nura’s generosity. But, she didn’t exactly go home without any money.

Nura may not have walked out with a large lump sum of money, but she did leave the show with nearly $14,000, and the respect of people across America. Nura moved many people, and as the show ended, everyone applauded her. She didn’t regret intentionally losing the game. What’s more, she knew exactly what she was going to do with the cash she won.

She revealed that she had every intention of using her winnings to go on a much-deserved vacation. “I’m going to Belize!” she shared. Host Pat Sajak thanked her for coming on the show and he told her, “You made us all happy.” A random act of kindness by a selfless woman left people touched and lost for words. Hopefully, Nura had a great time on her vacation, because she certainly deserved it.