When Senior Dog’s Favorite Toy Was Discontinued, Internet Came To His Rescue.

When Senior Dog’s Favorite Toy Was Discontinued, Internet Came To His Rescue. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you have an animal companion, then you understand the importance of making them happy. You bring them for nice, long walks. You shower them with kisses and cuddles, and you make sure that they have plenty of toys to keep them occupied. This dog owner had no idea what to do when her favorite pet store stopped carrying the only toy her dog would play with. So, like so many other people, she decided to reach out to the Internet.The thing about Jaxon is that he will only play with one very specific toy. He absolutely loves the Top Paw Toy from PetSmart. Unfortunately, the PetSmart they normally went to stopped carrying Jaxon’s favorite friend.

She decided to reach out to PetSmart for assistance. She offered to buy up every toy if someone could help her locate them. An employee of PetSmart named Ken reached out and said that she would try to find one for him.

So she said she would post in a employees of PetSmart group on Facebook to see if anyone else could find the toy.

She just hoped that Ken would be able to find a toy or two, but what happened was something that Kelly never expected.

Ken packed up the toys and sent them to Kelly, along with a note and some yummy treats for Jaxon! When Kelly received the package she was blown away!

There’s no way Jaxon will go without his favorite green crocodile again. What a lucky pup!

He definitely looks like he’s happy to have it back.

Hopefully, Kelly puts them aside so he’ll be able to have them for a long time!

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