Big Dental Corporations Aren’t Telling You Something About Bananas… I Don’t Blame Them.

Big Dental Corporations Aren’t Telling You Something About Bananas… I Don’t Blame Them. March 26, 2017

Many people, especially coffee and wine drinkers, are constantly searching for a way to whiten their teeth. A brightened smile can instantly upgrade your looks, making you appear younger and fresher. There are plenty of products on the market that can help you get whiter teeth, but many of them are extremely abrasive. Professional teeth whitening is also an option, but that kind of treatment can often break the bank. Before you go on a Whitestrips shopping spree, hear this: You can actually whiten your teeth with a banana peel. Seem suspect? Here’s why it works: The inside of a banana peel actually contains lots of ingredients that can help give you the pearly white smile you dream of. Minerals in the banana peel include magnesium, manganese, and potassium absorb into your teeth quickly, and whiten them without damaging them. Want to know how to get teeth so white that your friends will go bananas? Check out the info below.

The best banana to use is rip, with some speckles, but not black. This is the point at which the banana peel has the most minerals. Peel one strip of the peel away, and then put the rest banana in the fridge. Try to keep as much of the stringy flesh on the peel as possible.

Rub the inside of the banana peel against your top and bottom teeth, until they are coated in a layer of banana paste. Keep your mouth open and try to keep your lips away from your teeth. Sit like this for about 10-15 minutes and let the banana peel goo work its magic.

After 10-15 minutes have passed, begin by brushing the goo off with a dry brush. Use circular motions to brush for about three minutes. Rince, then brush again using toothpaste.

Like most things, the banana peel teeth whitener doesn’t work over night. However, if you keep up the process every day for about two weeks, you’ll start to see results. Take a before photo to see how your teeth are progressing.

->**Just not a banana person? Here are some other natural teeth whitening remedies.**<-

By making a paste of these two ingredients and brushing with it as you would toothpaste, you can create a tasty teeth whitener that will have your smile sparkling in no time.

The citric acid in lemon is a natural bleaching agent, and can help brighten teeth. Mix a little bit of fresh lemon juice with baking soda to create a paste – just don’t use too much lemon, because it is incredibly acidic and can be hard on your enamel.

Eating apples is a great way to help whiten and improve your teeth in the long-term. The crunchiness helps remove excess food from the crannies of your teeth, and the malic acid helps to brighten them.