Wife Explains Why She Puts Her Wedding Dress Back On EVERY YEAR…

Wife Explains Why She Puts Her Wedding Dress Back On EVERY YEAR… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It is a sad moment for brides everywhere when you take your wedding dress off. After weeks or months of searching boutiques in the city, searching online, and trying every single white gown imaginable, you put it away in storage after wearing it only one day. Not to mention, wedding dresses are not cheap so it seems quite irrational to not get your money’s worth by wearing over and over again. Except, there are not many places around where the dress code requires a white wedding gown. That has not stopped mental health counsellor and dating consultant, Samantha Burns from wearing hers. Burns believes you should wear your wedding dress as much as you’d like. She believes donning the dress more than once will bring joy to yourself and your partner. Plus, she couldn’t imagine only wearing her beautiful gown once. Hence, the “millennial love expert” started her own yearly tradition.”I felt giddy about the idea of celebrating each milestone with such a fun and sentimental tradition,” she reveals in her blog.

She also wore the dress to a brunch where she ate chocolate chip pancakes.

“No matter how funny and silly the tradition seems to us, it’s really all based in science,” she explains. “Keeping the spark alive is crucial, so activities like this activate the reward center in your brain that boost dopamine.”

They had a dinner cruise around the Boston harbour.

“Nothing would say ‘happy anniversary’ better than an African safari trip in my dress for a milestone anniversary. We’re a very outdoorsy and athletic couple, so maybe even zip lining through a rainforest one day or skydiving,” she says.

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