Wife Finds Disabled Vet In Tears… Then She Sees A NOTE In His Hands.

Wife Finds Disabled Vet In Tears… Then She Sees A NOTE In His Hands. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Christopher Garrett is an army vet who despite his injuries tries to complete the chores at home. Nonetheless, strenuous physical activities leave him in pain, making something like cutting the grass into a two-day task. Christopher is a proud man who does not ask for help and just gets the work done. His wife Brittany Lynn Garrett posted on Facebook a letter they received. Someone had noticed how hard Christopher has been working. The individual wanted to thank the veteran for his service to the country in special way.Brittany was getting ready when her husband appeared crying.

“Where do I begin? Something AMAZING happened today! As I was getting ready for my day, my husband appeared at the door with tears in his eyes holding our son. My heart sank and I thought someone we love took a trip to Heaven….He quickly assured me that no one had died, but someone had just given him a very expensive riding lawn mower! I don’t know who they are, but they have been watching my 100% combat disabled husband push mow our entire yard once or twice a week, and thought this would help make more time for the important things in life!!! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!!! You don’t know how much pain this is going to save him from!!!”

The stranger left Christopher a note thanking him for his service.

Brittany and Christopher have no idea who did it but they are very thankful for the person’s generosity.

Brittany says that the machine will positively impact Christopher’s life.

“Well today the grass was finally long enough to cut, so this guy finally mounted his new beast and broke it in. It was his first time running a machine like this one so it took a few minutes to get the hang of things but all in all, it took him just 18 minutes to mow the front from start to finish!!! That even included a few minutes of testing its limits? when he was finished I asked him “How painful was that?!” He said he didn’t hurt at all like before, even felt well enough to rake the grass off the yard. The smile on his face was my favorite. He never smiled during this chore before! I hope this Secret Angel knows how amazing they are and how grateful our family is for their generosity!!! I will forever pray that God shower you and your family with Blessings. Thank You, Whoever you are, from the bottom of our hearts!!!”

Now Christopher has the strength to also rake the grass off the yard.

“You don’t know how much pain this is going to save him from!!!” wrote Brittany.

Now more time can be spent with the family.

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