Wife Stabs Husband’s Teenage Mistress After She CAUGHT Them Cheating.

Wife Stabs Husband’s Teenage Mistress After She CAUGHT Them Cheating. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Getting married young is hard. Living with someone you love and beginning a life together is exciting but comes with a lot of work and responsibility. Not only do you have to adjust to each other’s habits, you have finances to deal with, frivolous shopping is replaced by paying rent and groceries. Getting pregnant this early in the game adds to the stress as well. Just as you are getting to know each other, bringing another life changes things. Young couples quickly realize that love is just not enough and they may begin to wonder if they should have gotten married in the first place.The 18-year-olds found out they were pregnant shortly after.

The two young women exchanged tense phone calls. With Cryne expressing to Khan “I hope your son dies and when he does I’m going to dig him up and spit on him.”

Still, Cryne continued her affair with Farid.

Aydin only lived for a month.

Khan lunged at the woman and stabbed her with a knife, six times.

Cryme was taken to the hospital where she was treated for a deep laceration to her right shoulder, a 4cm laceration to her left arm and a cut to her head. She remained in the hospital for two days.

“They found Leah lying on the floor with her arms covered in blood and blood running down her face. Leah said she knew her attacker as Natasha and she was with Hamza Farid,” said Prosecutor Vanessa Thompson.

When police interviewed Khan, she told them she was in the neo-natal department with her son.

Two weeks later, she admitted to the attack. “She has one of the worst backgrounds for such a young lady that I have seen in such a long time. Her baby was born at 24 weeks and died a short time later,” her defense counsel Richard Lees argued. “This was significant provocation in my view, coupled with the fact the complainant slept with my client’s partner.”

The judge, Amanda Yip told Khan, Cryne is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in addition to the emotional trauma from the attack. Nonetheless, she understood Khan was “young and immature and dealing with profound stress at the time. I do accept that your decisions were impacted by your grief.”

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