William Shatner Asked His Fans To Take ‘Spock’ Selfies… Today He Unveiled Why.

William Shatner Asked His Fans To Take ‘Spock’ Selfies… Today He Unveiled Why. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Since their days on Star Trek, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have been the best of friends. When Nimoy passed away this year, Shatner was heartbroken, and was photographed with tears streaming down his face shortly before Tweeting ” “I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love.” Now that he’s had some time to grieve, Shatner decided to take it upon himself to put together a tribute for his dearly departed friend. He tweeted to his fanbase with a special request – and what he did with their images will bring a tear to your eye.

@WilliamShatner #LLAP done! pic.twitter.com/iXZQY8FCEe — Camille W. Bailey (@Camandbren) August 2, 2015

Just beaming in to #STLV with some new friends. #LLAP pic.twitter.com/TPgaoX0aLt — Adam Nimoy (@adam_nimoy) August 8, 2015

Just sent pic doing #LLAP salute to NimoyTribute@gmail.com Please do the same #RememberingLeonardNimoy @PaulCamuso pic.twitter.com/yW9Kw8DMrJ — SteveBrant (@SteveBrant) August 2, 2015

Vulcan Salute Selfie! #VulcanSaluteSelfie #GymSelfie #Selfie #GymDay #Gym #LLAP #TGI… http://t.co/kCQbY4HmVX pic.twitter.com/mGUrYdS3oo — Rolan Johnson (@rolanj24) July 31, 2015

@B_TrekkieCat they are pretty easy to sew. Its mostly adjusting arm placement and patterning to fit the cat! #llap pic.twitter.com/HNTAsOxuqz — Cat Cosplay (@Cat_Cosplay) July 28, 2015

Having a silly moment with Canadian Olympic recurve archer @crispin_duenas at PanAm15. #physicsmajor #LLAP #archery pic.twitter.com/TSFXoki5Ym — leila alexander (@alexander_leila) July 26, 2015

Doing that Vulcan thing! Hanging with @MicheleSpecht , the coolest person in Space City! #startrekcontinues #LLAP pic.twitter.com/lQeq9SFp52 — Ken Fontenot (@dscntdarkknight) July 24, 2015

@NichelleIsUhura Who can’t know that? Good to hear from you. Hope you are fine. #LLAP pic.twitter.com/ITJZ4b0Lba — Carsten Bergner (@cbergner) July 22, 2015

At the @StarTrek symphony concert event @DaviesSymphHall. Live long and prosper. #LLAP pic.twitter.com/IWWas0y6YF — Leland Kim (@lelandkim) July 21, 2015

#LLAP selfie. @WilliamShatner put out the call so @jennheibein & I answered the Captain. nimoytribute@gmail.com pic.twitter.com/pDKKA8Fvdy — Rory Lawford (@RoryLawford) August 2, 2015

So what did William Shatner do with all those photographs? Get the tissues ready:

Why did I ask for all those #LLAP selfies? For a @gishwhes task as a tribute to Leonard. Thank you! pic.twitter.com/3NQZ5siINe — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) August 9, 2015

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