Thrifty 15 Year-Old Bought This House For $12,000, But Wait Till You See Inside.

Thrifty 15 Year-Old Bought This House For $12,000, But Wait Till You See Inside. July 29, 2018

Many people spend years saving up to buy the perfect house, one with all the amenities and luxuries that they could ever dream of. Willow is a teenager who had a dream of home ownership, but she decided to do things the unconventional way. Instead of waiting until she was grown, or waiting until she found a dream home, she took the small amount of money that she had and used it to buy a house in need of some serious TLC. Though it didn’t cost much, the property needed plenty of repairs — all of which Willow and her family would do herself. With a little help from a celebrity who caught wind of her story, Willow was able to make all of her dreams come true. And once she did, she kept the momentum going and made a decision that was even more surprising. Read more about WIllow’s story below.At just 15 years old, she’s already incredibly smart and ambitious, with plenty of goals in mind.

Can you guess what she might have spent her hard-earned money on?

She bought the property after saving about $6,000 for a down payment.

Do to a foreclosure, it actually went up on the market for a mere $12,000.

And just like that, Willow and her family had a brand new home.

The mogul donated $10,000 to Willow’s cause, so her and her family could make the improvements they needed to.

Here generosity, budgeting, and ambition really impressed DeGeneres.

And the transformation is truly unbelievable.

No stone was left unturned in this house, and all of the work was done by the family.

Here, you can see part of the process of refinishing the hardwood in the living room.

Here, you can see what the place looked like when it was gutted.

The before and after of the cabinets are impressive — they were custom built for the home.

Not bad, huh?

This simple, affordable improvement can really change the atmosphere of a room.

That’s right: She bought a second house.

That way, she was able to earn more money to buy the second.

And it only cost her about $17,500.

For Willow, each house is a new business endeavor and an opportunity.

As long as you’ve got a long-term goal, patience, and fastidiousness.

But of course, she has to graduate high school, first.