35 Creative Ways To Turn Old Wine Bottles Into Stunning Home Décor Accessories.

35 Creative Ways To Turn Old Wine Bottles Into Stunning Home Décor Accessories. March 20, 2017

I love wine; there are few things better than curling up on my couch and enjoying a glass or two. On the rare occasion, I’ve wondered about what I can do with the empty bottle or cork, perhaps repurpose either into something that can help me around the house. However, as it appears, I am not alone in wondering if there are cool new uses for what’s left after I’ve enjoyed one of my favorite beverages. Clearly, there are some creative minds who have reinvented the leftovers. Some of the inventions will definitely help around the house but others, are purely artistic pieces. Looking at some other creations, I wonder if I will have to make friends with someone who can heat the glass to twist and turn the glass. Try some of these neat ideas at home but be warned, the last thing you want to do after you catch yourself with a lot of repurposed wine bottles is having friends wonder if you enjoy a glass of grape juice more than you think.You may have to take this idea to your local craftsman that works with melting glass or owns a kiln. The bottle is melted in shaped in to a flat surface to lay your cooking or serving spoons.

This is the cutest magnet planter ever. A mini planter with succulent plants. Succulent plants require very little water to live.

Once a bottle, always a bottle. Give your bottle the design you desire. Don’t be shy, be bold. Once ready, give them a new life as an olive oil or vinegar bottle.

This is a great centerpiece for your inside or outside furniture. Find a unique-looking wine bottle to create this sea worthy display. Mod podge, rope or jute, glue gun, glue sticks and a lot of twisting will be required.

Ribbon, hooks and glue are the premise behind this jewelry holder.

A local glass melting business can turn your old wine bottle in to an elegant organizer.

This bath mat looks a little tropical. Glue gun, glue sticks, mat liner, approximately 175 corks and a lot of patience is needed to complete this DIY.

Spring is just around the corner. A bird feeder is a lovely addition to any backyard. You can use reclaim wood and hooks to hang this great feeder.

If you have any large, empty vases around, give them a new look. Place a candle in a glass and place it in the middle of the container. Fill the outside with corks and voilá you now have a rustic vase.

These wine bottles were cut in half and reversed to create a self-watering planter.

These are great gifts your kids can give out to their friends. Cut corks to the width of your choice. Paint to your desired color and stamp the design. Twist a 5mm screw to complete the project.

YouTube has quite a few tutorials to cut your own bottles. Here you will need wood and chain of your desired design to create your own wind chime.

I love stamps but they can be so expensive. Take an x-acto knife to create your own inexpensive designs on the corks.

This is a two-in-one. Wine bottles as centerpieces as well as table seating. A delicate and elegant look.

A mini-planter for succulent plants that require minimal water.

Dark square slates make a gorgeous contrast with the pale corks for funky coasters.

We all have that tattered book but cannot let it go because of a quote or page we love. First, you will need to paint the wine bottle. Second, find a shape you like such as a flower or an animal and cut the page around it. Mod podge the cut-out on to the bottle.

Painting wine bottles can be done with spray paint or with a paint brush. To add extra detail for your new bottles is to add washi tape with your favorite design.

A simple frame and corks make a handy hot pot holder.

Bring the ocean to your home with a candle holder. A board, wire and mirror will be the base to start this project. Cut the bottle and turn it upside down. You will need to keep the cork. Add sand and place a candle in the middle.

To keep it environmentally friendly, you can use repurposed wood for the roof. You don’t have to share this house with the birds. Once completed you may be tempted to keep it inside.

Have your favorite wine bottle melted. If the logo is painted, that’s a bonus as it can remain for an extra touch of elegance for your cheese and cracker plate.

You will need 30-50 lights to create this festive lamp. You will need to drill a hole for the cord switch.

You may need to consult with a landscaper or designer to create an outdoors bottle curtain. Your neighbors will be envious!

Believe it or not there is chalkboard paint to create these gorgeous bottles. You will use chalk and your witty words to complete these cheeky message in a bottle.

What a better way to profess your love for wine than to make a cork ombre heart?

Create a feature wall with simple but classic flower vases.

This is great proof of all the different wines you have tried. After it’s use, cut the top part of the bottle off and put a candle with the scent of your choosing. Added bonus, the different bottle shades will create a cool color mirage in your home.

Use the top part of the bottle keeping the different height to add contrast.

A bag of crafting pebbles, fuel, refill wicks and three wine bottles will get you the prettiest citronellas torches.

The gorgeous bottles will now become stunning glass tumblers.

Make a rainbow of colorful wine bottles wrapped in rafia. Great to display at work or in a lounge area.

Your neighbors will know right away you like wine. What a fun way to display your house number.

A sharpie, a skewer and your corks are all you need to make these super easy herb markers.

What better way than to show how much you love your state than to make a map of it as wall art.