Woman Beats Daycare Worker For Slapping Her Child.

Woman Beats Daycare Worker For Slapping Her Child. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Finding good help is getting more difficult, especially when you’re looking for someone to look after your kids while you’re out making money to put food on the table. Now the subject of hitting a child as punishment is still controversial. Some say do it, but don’t go overboard, while others claim it’s child abuse. Either way, the person that should hand out that punishment shouldn’t be a stranger, but one daycare worker crossed the line and she paid for it badly.The woman this angry mother was visiting was the person she paid to look after her child while she was away. But something had gone horribly wrong.

But was her crime that would warrant such a brutal and violent attack like this? Well, according to the video, the woman had allegedly slapped the mother’s little girl.

Aside from the fact that it’s not an ideal tactic for discipline, it’s also no one’s place to put their hands on someone else’s child. Doing so can have some serious consequences.

Fueled by her anger, the mom starts grabbing the woman out of the house by her hair and then repeatedly hits her for hurting her child.

It’s believed that the incident happened somewhere in the United States, and this mom is relentless despite the fact that her victim is crying and deflecting each hit.

If only the woman would stop crying long enough to apologize, but the mother repeatedly hands down a little discipline of her own.

It’s ironic that it all started with the parent seemingly calm as she explains the nature of her visit. Then she just starts throwing punches and cuss words at the daycare worker.

The mother is simply too strong and the woman is too stunned to get the upper hand in this violent situation that seems completely unnecessary.

She continuously smacks the woman on the floor in the face and warns her to never hit her daughter. Somehow, we can’t get the tune “Momma gonna knock you out” out of our head.

We might sit in judgment of this woman, who should have maybe called the police, or filed a lawsuit instead of fighting, but when someone touches our kid, we lose our cool.

That instinct is present in just about every species on the planet, not just human beings like these two. When you hit someone else’s child, you better get ready to face the consequences.

The mother doesn’t seem to care that she got the apology she went to great lengths to get. She simply wants to make the woman feel what her daughter felt.

She claims that the child had slapped her first. Then again, we don’t really know how old the child was either. Certainly a 3-year-old wouldn’t merit such a reaction, but what about a 12-year-old?

However, children should never go around slapping people, especially when it’s a teacher or a caretaker. If it’s true, then we know where the child learned how to fight.

This poor woman got her name and everything else dragged across her porch by the mother who never let up until she had fully vented all of her rage.

But from the looks of it, the daycare worker was working out of her own home, and that’s where things can potentially go wrong.

Run a background check on the potential daycare worker before putting your kid in their hands, or before the daycare worker puts their hands on them.

You can always tell if a childcare worker is good by doing a bit of reference-checking. If the person has never hit a child before, chances are your kid will be safe.

At least then you can request certifications and licenses, which admittedly vary from state to state, but would put your mind at ease.

If you choose someone in your neighborhood or out of an ad on a local newspaper, you’re simply asking for trouble, and this is your baby’s safety we’re talking about here.

Some children are intimidated after being hit by another adult, but you can ease them into telling you how things went, and if something is wrong, then keep calm and call the police.

But we’re not just talking about the woman who took care of her and slapped her. We’re talking about the mom, who might have some issues that could put her baby in danger as well.

If it was a neighbor, then why didn’t they call the cops? If it was some passersby, then isn’t he or she just as responsible for the assault on the daycare worker for not doing anything?

So, she tells the woman to stand up and the video ends. Clearly, she’ll think twice about hitting someone else’s kid next time.

**Click play and watch as things go from a simple “hi there and hello” to an all-out brawl on the front porch between this mom and her child’s daycare worker.**

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