Woman Celebrated Her Divorce By Setting Her Wedding Dress On Fire.

Woman Celebrated Her Divorce By Setting Her Wedding Dress On Fire. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

No one can tell you how to get over a break-up. As long as you are not hurting yourself or your ex; just about anything goes. It’s natural to want closure whether it’s by having a final conversation to find out what went wrong, go on a trip alone, or get a new haircut. It’s all part of the healing process. But not everyone comes to terms to the conclusion of a partnership in the same way. Katlynn McKee had her own unique way to say goodbye to the past, not with a bang but with a fire.The dress may have been gorgeous but the relationship was not. After four years as husband and wife, McKee and her ex decided to part ways.

McKee looked online for inspirations to trash her dress but she wanted her experience to be original.

For McKee it was a way to close that chapter in her life. She hired her wedding photographer once again for the momentous occasion.

This divorcee didn’t have to worry about getting her dress dirty, that was part of the goal all along.

McKee admits she told her ex about her plans. He loved the idea and even offered to join in the photo shoot.

“He joked that he should be in it and I could punch him or something, but I wanted it to be just me,” she explains.

“It was like my rebellion against the marriage, my way of saying I’m free,” she admits.

She had more planned for her dress trashing photoshoot. McKee stripped down to her lingerie, cutting her dress even more.

Shortly after the wedding party, brides throw themselves into a pool or run into the ocean with their gown still on. Hence the term, trash the dress.

Naturally, she lit it on fire. Saying goodbye to a chapter in her life.

McKee drank her wine right out of the bottle as her dress went up in flames.

“My friends thought it was awesome and I had loads of people getting in touch saying they wish they’d done the same thing,”

She plans to put the photos up in her house.

“I was really happy with it all and I loved the way it turned out,” she concludes.

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