Woman CRIES After Removing Makeup On Live TV… You’ll Cry Too!

Woman CRIES After Removing Makeup On Live TV… You’ll Cry Too! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Human beings may just be the most complicated animals on earth. We come filled with doubts, insecurities, fears, and other emotions that change the way we carry ourselves. Behind the exterior lies an individual who loves, is sensitive, and can be hurt easily. Some experiences are harder than others, shaping us into the person we become.Growing up she was told she was beautiful. She wanted to be seen for more than her good looks though. She wanted to use her creative talent to inspire and help others.

It is unclear what Toshi is hiding from but she won’t let anyone see her without her full colourful makeup on.

Although she admits her extreme makeup and hair means people sometimes treat her like a joke. While trying to inspire others, Toshi somehow herself lost the inspiration along the way.

Stacy helped Toshi recognize and appreciate the beautiful girl that she is. Toshi admitted that she has never let anyone see her without make-up and it felt weird she was going sans-makeup on national television. Though a beautiful girl underneath, she somehow fails to see it. She has been relying on loud dressing and make-up to prove her self-worth and show her personality to the world, hiding her true stunning self.

Stacy London helped Toshi come out of her shell and face her worst fears. She guided her through a “make-under” and helped her get rid of all the make-up and piercings.

Toshi is gorgeous inside and out. She was overwhelmed by the whole make-under process and couldn’t contain herself, letting all of her emotions out, finally feeling at peace. She could now go about helping people by hiding from herself. Though she tried to avoid this make-over for as long as possible, she was really glad that she went with it in the end.

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