Woman Doused Husband With Gasoline And Set Him On Fire While He Slept For Raping 7-Year-Old Daughter.

Woman Doused Husband With Gasoline And Set Him On Fire While He Slept For Raping 7-Year-Old Daughter. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Never underestimate what a mother will do for her child. She will do whatever she feels like needs to be done to protect her children. And that’s exactly what 40-year-old Tantanysha Hedman did when she found out that her 52-year-old husband Vincent Phillips had been molesting her 7-year-old daughter. At the time, she felt like shooting Phillips with a gun wouldn’t have been enough. So instead, Hedman believed the best way to avenge her daughter’s assault was to set her husband on fire.Mothers will literally do anything they possibly can to protect their children, at any costs.

If her child is seriously hurt in any way the mother’s following actions can be highly unpredictable.

She claims she did it as payback for him molesting her 7-year-old daughter.

She confessed that she only did it in the name of her sweet daughter. Hedman allegedly told the police that shooting her husband, Vincent Phillips, would have been “too nice.”

This was the day after Phillips asked for help after running into a convenience store in Renton while being covered in severe burns.

According to the Renton Reporter, Phillips told an officer, “My wife did it,” as soon as the authorities arrived.

She did it as revenge for her husband “hurting” her daughter. But of course, Phillips’ crime didn’t go unpunished either.

A few days after the crime, KOMO News reported that the police recommended that Phillips be charged with first-degree child molestation.

Meanwhile, Hedman was placed in jail for assault and arson charges. Her bail was set to $500,000.

Investigators have come to the conclusion that Hedman later set Phillips on fire.

He ran into the store screaming, “I’m on fire!” Customers watched as Phillips dropped to his knees in agony and begged, “Help me!” Witnesses say his skin was melting. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his burns.

Law enforcement officers brought Hedman into custody a day after Phillips made the scene at the convenience store.

One particular website, TMZ Uncut (no relationship to the actual gossip site TMZ), brought the story back to light with a completely unrelated mugshot along with a photo of a man on fire.

However, we are certain that she is not Tatanysha Hedman. The woman in the earlier photos have been confirmed as Hedman from news sources.

Her picture is often included in “crazy mugshot” galleries online.

The image was actually taken back in 2009. It features a Romanian man who set himself on fire during a protest.

These images that have frequently been associated with the story, however, are unrelated and are from different events.

She has received a lot of praise and support from other parents who strongly believed she wasn’t wrong for what she did.

Some even made a Facebook page and started a fundraiser via GoFundMe to help raise money for her bail.

The Facebook community has been sending her love and support ever since for her courage in doing what she did to protect her daughter from further assault from her husband.

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