Woman Fell In Love With Homeless Man In Amsterdam.

Woman Fell In Love With Homeless Man In Amsterdam. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Love can be found literally anywhere. You can find your soulmate sitting across from you on a bus. Your true love could be standing behind you in the grocery store. Some even find the person they’ll spend the rest of their lives with on the Internet. Regardless of where you find it, love is an incredibly beautiful, mysterious thing. And no one knows that better than the woman who found her future husband in a homeless man that needed to know the time.

Emmy is from Sweden, but her life was changed forever when she was visiting a friend in Amsterdam, in 2006. Her whole world was turned upside down while sitting on a bench.

Even though there was a massive clock nearby, Vic asked Emmy if she knew what time it was. Immediately, Emmy knew something was a bit different about Vic.

“Straight away I could see that he was homeless because he was very dirty and his hair, his beard was bigger then and was very dirty,” she said.

“But we started chatting, and I also noticed that he had the most beautiful brown eyes I’d ever seen and he just made me laugh straight away.” Emmy was immediately drawn to him.

He was drawn to her, as well. He loved the way that Emmy was so comfortable just to be herself, since Vic was comfortable being himself, too, even though he was homeless.

“I hadn’t done everything that I wanted to do during the trip, so I just said well, I’ll do it without any money,” said Vic.“The wheels fell off and the alcoholism sort of kicked in heavy and it was such a gradual turn that all of a sudden one day I noticed, I realized, oh my god, I’m a homeless alcoholic.”

They spent the day together, but Emmy had to return back to her home in Vienna. Emma gave Vic her number, and hoped he would call because there was no way she could get in touch with him.

“I didn’t know if I was ever going to see him again, I mean, I hoped I would and I couldn’t stop thinking about him and then three weeks later, I’d just turned 30, and I just get a phone call on a Monday morning and it was just Vic saying, ‘I’m here now’,” said Emmy.

Now, the couple has been together for ten years! After some encouraging words from Emmy, Vic went to college, and is now a mechanical engineer.

It tells the couple’s incredible love story, and even talks about how they got married in a castle and are the proud parents of twins! So the next time you’re getting some groceries, pay attention to who’s trying to talk to you; they just might be the love of your life!

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