Woman Finds Hidden Room In Her Childhood Home.

Woman Finds Hidden Room In Her Childhood Home. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

One homeowner recently made an extraordinary find. Most people find hidden doors to be quite interesting. People become full of anticipation when they stumble across forgotten spaces. Luckily, owners of older homes have a high chance of running into one, but you never really think it’s actually going to happen. But for this woman, it did happen. And once she realized what was hidden, she could have exploded from shock.

Alexandra Poulos had fond memories of the home she grew up in. The colonial property was bought by her parents in 1974, so you can imagine how many memories were stored in the walls throughout the years. Despite the fond memories, you could still sense the undeniable eerie feeling in the home. When Alexandra was a child, she would have reoccurring dreams of secret rooms and hidden passages. She never thought the dreams would be true, and the power she would soon find.

Alexandra had a vivid imagination as a child, which is why people just brushed her off when she spoke about her dreams. It was assumed that her imagination was simply getting the best of her. Even so, the dreams were persistent. Alexandra researched their meaning, but she was only left with disappointment. As she turned into an adult, Alexandra was amazed by her clever childhood daydreams.

Unfortunately, Alexandra would soon receive sad news. Her mother had become sick, but since she was an elderly woman, the news wasn’t surprising. The old woman was tough, so the family assumed that she would pull through just fine and they just brushed off the news. Sadly, they made the wrong decision. The woman’s condition grew increasingly worse, and the family began to feel that the worst was going to happen. Then one day, the unexpected happened.

In a short amount of time, two distressing events occurred. In only a few months, Alexandra’s mother and her brother passed away. Considering the family was extremely close, they were left in chaos. As Alexandra tried to make sense of the tragedy, but she continued to lose hope. Alexandra drew faith from the memories that were trapped inside of the old house, but she had no idea what was hiding inside the four walls of the home.

Alexandra was thankful that she still had her father. Death can shake up any family unit, but losing two members in such a short time is almost unbearable. Due to the love they had for each other, Alexandra and her dad were able to pull through. But there was a problem in the horizon. Alexandra’s dad was growing old and their home was huge. He quickly learned how difficult it was to manage alone. Eventually, he had some news for Alexandra.

Alexandra’s dad called her to his home one afternoon. He explained to her that he was beginning to struggle with the home. Considering his age, the home was just too much for him. Because the home was so big, he was unable to manage the whole thing, so he decided to sell it. Out of nowhere, Alexandra’s childhood home was in danger, and along with it, a secret source of magic.

Alexandra wasn’t prepared for the news, but she quickly came up with a solution. She suggested that her dad sign the home over to her, and surprisingly, he agreed without hesitation. Luckily, the home would be able to stay with the family. Alexandra was beyond excited. She decided to rent out the home and found wonderful tenants in almost no time at all, but It didn’t take long for mysterious things to begin happening in the cellar.

Soon after the new tenants took residence, the basement began to have some problems. It was as if the house was being aggressive towards the new residents. Slowly but surely, an old feeling began creeping back up in Alexandra. She recalled a conversation that her father once had with a neighbor. The neighbor forewarned that home was hiding something sinister. Alexandra soon wondered whether there was a supernatural influence in the house. So she started looking.

Alexandra recalled that the man had claimed that their basement had a basement of its very own. Her father assumed that the warnings were just the ramblings of an old man. Considering all of the strange happenings in the basement, Alexandra began wondering if the old neighbor was right, so she decided to take a look for herself. She hired professional builders to dig out the basement. What they found would shock everyone involved.

It didn’t take long for the builders to find something quite strange. They quickly confirmed the old man’s suspicions of the cellar. The basement in Alexandra’s childhood home had its own basement. But when Alexandra went in to investigate, she was left in confusion. There was barely anything to the hidden room, but that wasn’t the strange part. What was the purpose of the small room? Alexandra had to know why it was built, so she brought in the help of some different professionals.

When Alexandra spoke to a local historian, she learned of her town’s dark past. Her town had been the home to a group of people known as abolitionists. They were dedicated to abolishing slavery in the United States. Because of this dedication, they created the well-known Underground Railroad. The system of tunnels was created to help people escape through Lansdowne. The historian wanted to take a closer look, but when they inspected further, the findings were astonishing.

When the historian inspected the room, they couldn’t come to a definite answer. Considering the nature of the room, it could have just been a storage room. But why was it sealed off then? The historian could only encourage Alexandra to delve into the history of the home, but Alexandra knew in her heart what the room had been used for. When a neighbor revealed that they had a similar situation going on in their home, Alexandra’s beliefs began to grow even stronger.

Alexandra’s neighbor had revealed an interesting detail. They had also found a hidden room in their house. They also found out that it was indeed a part of the Underground Railroad. As soon as Alexandra heard the news, she new what the hidden room was for. She may not have had conclusive evidence, but she knew it was true. She shared the story online, which brought her to learn more about the hidden past of the Underground Railroad in her town.

Even though many decades have gone by, little pieces of the abolitionists keep popping up. The Underground Railroad was a brilliant system. With a precious finding such as the one Alexandra found, awareness can be spread about the harrowing past of the United States. “I need to figure out next steps,” said Alexandra. But it seems that Alexandra will continue to search for the purpose of the room.

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