Woman Pastes Sanitary Napkins On Cheating Boyfriend’s Car, But Is All As It Seems?

Woman Pastes Sanitary Napkins On Cheating Boyfriend’s Car, But Is All As It Seems? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s never a good thing to let your mind wonder off. Having a creative imagination can be put to good use unless you let it control your personal life. We all know of individuals who read into absolutely everything from a glance, word choices, and even the clothes worn, to interpret motive and cause. Everything is dissected to come up with a conclusion as to why someone did something or not. It’s not enough to say these are just assumptions or a lack of self-esteem on the person who doubts everyone and everything. These doubters can become a nightmare if you are in a relationship with them. You can’t have an off-day or change your routine without the other person believing you are having a romantic affair with someone else. And the more you try to convince them otherwise, the more they feel you are proving your guilt.The 23-year-old’s suspicion turn into reality in her mind when he was late one day. Instead of thinking he may be stuck in traffic or getting caught up at work, she assumed the worse.

The more time passed, the more infuriated she became thinking of what he may be doing with his lover. The woman went to her her local store in Dancheng Township, in eastern China, to do a little revenge shopping.

“She was furious, and I told her she should wait to see what he said …but she wouldn’t listen as she was convinced he was cheating on her,” says Chen.

She then posted a photo of the car on social media with the caption “That’s right, I did it.” It seems misery loves company as many people celebrated her immature behaviour.

“I asked her what had happened and she flew into a rage,” says. He explained to his vengeance-seeking girlfriend the reason he was late. He was planning a surprise party on her behalf at his friend’s house. He showed her the invitation they came up with.

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