Woman Proves Bald Is Beautiful As She Lands Modeling Job After Embracing Her Alopecia.

Woman Proves Bald Is Beautiful As She Lands Modeling Job After Embracing Her Alopecia. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Therese Hansson is a beautiful Swedish model from Malmo, Sweden, but there’s a big secret that you probably can’t tell just by looking at her. As a child, she developed an autoimmune disease that nearly derailed her dreams of becoming a model. But after years of dealing with this condition that is known as alopecia, which causes hair loss, Therese has finally learned to accept herself for who she is, and now, she’s hoping that she can become an inspirational role model for other girls who may be struggling with alopecia, or a similar condition. Her journey and her struggles are as captivating as her beauty.Could it be her brows? Her luscious lips? Those amazing eyebrows? Or that flawless smile that makes her shine bright like a diamond? There so many lovely qualities about Therese, but for years, she didn’t want anyone to know about a secret she’s been keeping from the world.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease, which causes a person’s immune system to attack hair follicles, leading to hair loss. But when Therese was 14, and saw her hair falling out, she thought she had cancer.

Unfortunately, she knew she had something the second she tried tying her hair in a ponytail, and noticed lots of hair falling off. For a teenager, this was possibly the scariest thing that had happened to her, but there was hope.

With the exception of her family and very tight friends, no one knew she had alopecia, or that she wore a wig. But as a grown woman, she had learned to accept her condition, and isn’t afraid to face the world with or without a wig.

She didn’t allow her condition to squander her dreams, or keep her indoors. So, when she goes out, she shows off her bald head just as proudly. She’s even working as a model, and the camera definitely loves her positivity from head to toe.

The Swedish model admits that she was very sensitive about her condition at first. So, whenever someone asked her about her hair, she knew what to say to keep them from guessing the truth. Today, though, the truth is out and so are her wigs.

The only regret Therese has in life is not having realized that it was okay to go out into the world with her alopecia. Fortunately, it’s never too late, and she’s certainly embraced her looks and she has her friend to thank for that.

If her friend hadn’t pushed her to reveal her bald head, Therese would probably not be working for GC Management, a modeling agency. Now she’s doing what she loves the most, modeling, and her loved ones are so proud of her.

She’s admitted that if she could go back in time, she’d tell her younger self not to hide because it only makes you feel worse and insecure. “A big stone of relief will leave your body if you can just be yourself,” she added.

For Therese, losing the wig has been a liberating experience on a professional as well as a personal level. But she didn’t do it alone. The day she went out in public with no hair, she had a friend by her side. Her friend was also going bald, but they decided to go out in a town where no one knew them.

A friend had shown her a blogger who looked great with her head all shaved. Eventually, Therese reached out to this blogger and they’re now friends. But she was also inspired by Amber Rose, who shaves her head and looks amazing.

The one thing that makes her even more beautiful is the fact that she’s confident and brave.By accepting her condition, she found a way to magnify her beauty tenfold. Others will likely follow in her footsteps after seeing this beautiful young lady expose her true self with confidence.

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