Woman Rescued A Special Cat That No One Wanted And It Turned Her Life Around.

Woman Rescued A Special Cat That No One Wanted And It Turned Her Life Around. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The internet’s obsessed with cats, that’s no surprise. With the help of countless adorable cat videos on social media, people have been warming up to these furry animals who were once stereotyped in the media, (and wrongfully so) as temperamental, and angry beings who love hissing and scratching people for no good reason. Lately, it seems like everyone’s on board the “I love cats” train, with more and more people becoming fascinated with these mysterious and hauntingly beautiful creatures. And even though most of us love cats, caring for one is a totally different story. Particularly if the animal is special-needs. Thankfully, people like Karyn Poplin and her husband, of Kitty Adventure Rescue League Sanctuary, from Fort Worth Texas, opened their heart and home to care for one special-needs kitty who was looking for a place to finally call home.These animals, who are sometimes pretty hard to find a home for, have all kinds of ailments, and disabilities. But when Karyn stumbled upon a fragile kitty with radial hypoplasia, she didn’t know that this furry animal was about to change her life.

But the moment she came across this lovely kitty, Karyn knew she needed help…and a home. The poor cat had trouble with the openings of her nose, and had a serious condition that made her arms “twisty” which meant she had trouble walking.

Not only did she had two different sized nostrils, but she was also paired with some form of cleft palette deformity. When animals are impaired or need special care, it can be a lot harder to place them in a home.

The whole point of Karyn and her husband’s shelter is to find special needs cats a home. After her time was running out on another shelter, a rescuer decided to keep the kitty at his house, providing a temporary solution for the shelter’s “special girl.”

Every time they could see the light at the end of the tunnel, it ended up in disappointment, as many adoptions ended up falling through. It seems as though this poor kitty was destined to be homeless, until the rescuer decided to reach out to Karyn.

**Karyn and her husband knew they needed to step in and offer a helping hand to their little friend in need. They opened their home to this adorable kitty who wanted nothing more than to be loved and cared for.**

They named her “Grave Digger,” after the giant monster truck. But she’s not the only kitty who needs special care at the shelter. Truckasaurus the cat, also known as Emmy Lou Sugarbean, looks so similar to Grave Digger, they almost look like twins!

Since the cat hasn’t been that much around other animals, she’s had her ups and downs, and has been a bit grumpy. But she’s slowly getting better at socializing with other special needs kitties in the shelter. Thankfully, she found a place to call home thanks to her new human parents who care for her.

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