Woman Spends 7 Years Searching For Sister, Then Discovers An Insane Secret.

Woman Spends 7 Years Searching For Sister, Then Discovers An Insane Secret. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Can you imagine not knowing who your family is? What if you knew their names and spent years of your life trying to locate them, but came up with nothing but a loss of words? It would be a heart-wrenching experience, but unfortunately, it’s one that millions of people go through. Regardless of the reason, children are put up for adoption every single day. They spend their lives wondering who they come from, and whether or not they still have family out there. This woman shares a story such as that. Keep reading to find out the incredible tale of this woman’s search for her sister, and the unlikely place that she was able to find her.Hillary and her brother, Tyler, were put up for adoption 30 years ago, when they were just toddlers. When Hillary became pregnant with her daughter Stella, who is now seven, she decided that it was time to look for her biological family.

The file had her biological parents names in it, but Hillary was sad to find out that her father had passed away several years earlier. While looking through her file, she noticed that her father Wayne had two daughters by the name of Dawn Johnson and Renee Diericks.

A couple moved into the home next to her. This is where all of the pieces begin to fit in place for Hillary and her sister, Dawn Johnson.

“My husband and me joked for a few weeks that she was my sister but we didn’t know her last name,” she continued. Eventually, a package was delivered to Hillary’s home for Dawn, and that’s when Hillary realized that Dawn had the same last name as her sister. So Hillary decided to text Dawn to ask her about her father.

“She confirmed it was Wayne. I told her we had a lot to talk about and she said, ‘We have the same dad don’t we?'” said Hillary. Once they realized they were sisters, they have continuously grown closer.

“Of all the hundreds of thousands of homes we bought a house that shares a driveway with my sister,” said Dawn. “For me this is 100 percent fate. I was so sad when I discovered my biological father had passed away, but by meeting Dawn, I feel like I have all the answers I will ever need. She’s the missing puzzle piece I have been looking for for so many years,” explained Hillary.

“When I met my birth mum I thought I would have this tingly feeling and an immediate bond and I didn’t. With Dawn I felt an immediate connection,” explained Hillary. What an incredible feeling to meet your long lost family, and right next door of all places.

After spending time together, Tyler agreed to have a DNA test done to verify all of their suspicions. But the sisters say that they’re in no rush. They’re just grateful to have met one another and have the opportunity to get to know each other.

“I have become so close to Stella. I had only ever had boys so it is so fun to have a little girl playing in the front yard,” she explains. And Stella loves Dawn, too! “Stella just loves Dawn. She thinks she so fun and has loved getting to know her and Kurt,” added Hillary.

“I think all our bad luck with weird neighbors finally turned around because I feel so lucky to have found Dawn,” laughed Hillary. It truly is amazing that they found each other! Here’s to many years together as a family, finally.

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