Woman Tells Her BFF “Your Husband Got Me Pregnant” On NY Subway Train.

Woman Tells Her BFF “Your Husband Got Me Pregnant” On NY Subway Train. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Who needs enemies when you have friends that will wreck your life almost as badly as someone who despises you? In this day and age, when women are supposed to stick with one another and have each other’s back, there are those who choose to sleep with each other’s husbands and then confront them about it when things get bad. But it’s even worse when they choose to do so on a busy subway train.But this wasn’t a simple disagreement, something that’s common among friends. This happened abroad the D train in New York, and the D was what got them in this mess.

Rush hour is the worst, but on that particular day, the commuters wound up getting a ride to work and a show that was worthy of an episode of Maury or Jerry Springer.

But these women had no issues having their little discussion aboard the D train, and one of them had something she seriously needed to tell her other friend.

It wasn’t really one of those joyous moments where the two best friends would hug and the other would say congrats or “I want to be the Godmother!”

Yes, she was pregnant, but the father of the baby was none other than her friend’s husband, and let’s just say that things didn’t really go very well after that.

Obviously, there was just no easy way to tell her friend that she was pregnant by her friend’s husband, but did she have to do it inside a busy subway train?

She had just learned that she had been cheated on all this time by the man that she loved, and to make things worse, her best friend was her ultimate betrayer.

She had gotten involved only to ensure that the situation wouldn’t escalate into an all-out brawl that would have gotten both women arrested as soon as the train stopped.

But others were calling this altercation completely bogus. In fact, they claimed that the entire thing seemed staged and that the acting was really good.

No one really knows for sure, but it seemed pretty real and emotions were flying off the handle. Everyone seemed to root for Yvette, the wife who just learned she got cheated on.

Some claimed they would have gotten physical with the not so best friend had they been in her shoes because friends should never cross these lines.

But if you’ve lived in New York and used the metro subway trains then you definitely know that these kinds of outbursts are practically routine conversation.

Did she think she had a chance of justifying what she had done or that she could have saved her friendship at some point? Neither of those scenarios seemed possible.

There wasn’t a scratch on her, which is fortunate because some women in Yvette’s shoes would have dragged her out of the subway train and put her pregnancy at risk.

It’s actually not unusual for some people to conduct a social test skit here and there, and what better place to do it than in New York City to see how the public responds to a situation?

As grown-ups, we’re supposed to be the very best friends we can be to each other, not wind up becoming shady, conniving, and manipulative creatures. That’s just immature.

So, after a bit of arguing she had walked away. Now that’s a classy way of handing things. But clearly, Yvette’s husband is going to get an earful when she gets home.

**Click play and watch as the insanity unfolds and how the passengers on the D train react right along with the shocked woman.**

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