Woman With Severe Acne Uses A Makeup Trick That Saves Her Date-Night.

Woman With Severe Acne Uses A Makeup Trick That Saves Her Date-Night. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Acne is like a horrible curse, especially when you’re a teenager. But it can be just as bad for adults with oily skin too. After all, our faces are the first thing that people see when we introduce ourselves during a job interview, or when we go on a date. The last thing we want for people to think of when they see us is a pepperoni pizza. Then again, there’s no such thing as flawless skin. But there may definitely be a way to conceal those temporary imperfections caused by acne. Just ask one beauty blogger from London, who has totally nailed the art of concealing bad acne.Now this is isn’t something most women would willingly do. But the beauty blogger, who suffers from adult acne on a regular basis wanted to produce a tutorial showing how she concealed her acne.

She even admitted in her blog that acne is one of those things that you dread because it can make you look and feel bad every time you look at yourself in the mirror.

But rather than continue to pout over this facial nuisance, Em decided that it was time to do something about it.

It takes 18 products, all of which Em used to demonstrate how to conceal her acne and blemishes. It all began with her applying NYX’s Studio Photogenic Foundation on the problem areas.

Em does admit that it initially comes off a bit dewy when you first apply the foundation, but it will settle into a more matted finish when it’s all done.

But she felt that it made a strong point when she revealed all of the hateful comments people constantly made about her acne ridden skin when she bared her true face to the public.

Em’s been with her boyfriend for over three years. So he’s seen her without make-up more often than not. But she finds that it’s important to build and blend several layers of foundation to look flawless when going out. She also applies L’Oreal’s True Match Concealer under her eyes in a yellow tone to brighten up.

Because at the end of the day, it’s all about trying to look a little bit special, which Em does beautifully. She hopes that her video tutorials, which have reached a number of over 1.5 million views, will make a difference in the way women suffering from adult acne use makeup to hide those spots and feel beautiful.

She uses Llamasqua’s eye shadow as a base, two shades of Bourjois’ Colorband Eyeshadow Stick, and different liquid eyeliners to get that cat-eye look. Of course, no look would be complete without some false lashes from Ardel. After she’s all set and done, she looks so fine that you’d swear she’d never had a single pimple in her life.

Click on the video and watch as this beauty blogger shocks you by hiding her acne ridden skin with a little contour magic.

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