Women Shared The Best Pick-Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard… And They’re Classics.

Women Shared The Best Pick-Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard… And They’re Classics. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are three little words that can inspire shudders in the hearts of women everywhere: Pick up lines. Men use them constantly, usually they’re bad, and most of the time, they simply don’t work. After all, what woman wants to be wooed with a corny phrase she’s heard a million times before? But every once in awhile, a pick up lines stands far above the others, both in the sense that it’s super creative, and super effective. They come at unexpected times from unexpected mouths, and needless to say, they just so happened to work. Below, 15 women share what kind of pickup lines worked for them, and some of them are even more random and hilarious than you’d think. Others pack on the soppiness, but who are we to judge? After all, they obviously worked! Check out the pick up lines below and if you’re looking for a date, try one of them out next time you’re mingling.When he said he needed a wingman for the night, his wingman didn’t think that this would be his main responsibility. But hey, what’s a good wingman for if not to be flexible?

Sometimes, you’ve got to be funny and wry. Other times, you’ve got to be sexy and mysterious. And sometimes, you’ve got to pack on the corniness until she simply can’t take it anymore.

This one knows how to be cute, and it’s always a bonus when a pickup line includes a reason to touch one another. As you can see, his approach totally worked.

When he asked her, he knew what she’d have to say. And if she said yes, just for fun, he might not get a kiss — but at least he’d get to have a super fun conversation about dinosaurs, the ultimate aphrodisiac.

This is an old classic, and all we can say is that 90% of the time, it seems to work every time. Hey, who doesn’t want to be called beautiful?

This is what happens when someone has noticed you already, and happens to be listening to every word you say. This guy said the exact right thing at the right time.

Look, if you don’t want to dance, the club is really a bore. You could have a drink, but you don’t really want one. Why not skip the formalities and jump to the next best thing?

Admit it: While this takes corniness to the extreme, it’s also a much sweeter approach that simply asking her to take a stroll with you. Plus, you get to be hand in hand the whole time.

It’s an unexpected way to propose to someone, and maybe that’s precisely the reason that she said yes.

Sometimes, it’s hard to go up to someone and start chatting without sounding boring or trite. But, if you stay honest and frank, you just might get an automatic in.

Admit it: It doesn’t matter who says this to you, or what the situation. Once you hear it, you’re signed, sealed and delivered.

When you were what he was trying for all along, and he’s not afraid to admit he worked hard for it.

Possibly the only person in the world who would not find this situation uncomfortable. Maybe he thinks he has a great shot either way?

Despite the fact that this pickup line might make you think of Silence of the Lambs, when you look at it objectively, it’s pretty cute.

This guy doesn’t have to be all grown up to know how to run game. We only wish we knew if she agreed to the two-person hug (we’re thinking she did, because how couldn’t you?)

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