Skip The Beach Vacation And Go For A Wooden Pod Retreat In France Instead.

Skip The Beach Vacation And Go For A Wooden Pod Retreat In France Instead. September 29, 2019

Imagine living in a home that will have everyone screaming, “The Martians have landed!!!” This wooden pod is breathtakingly magnificent both on the outside and even more so on the inside. The pod is the ultimate retreat for anyone who would like to commune with nature. It’s also the perfect getaway when you’re trying to escape the world. In this barrel-shaped retreat, which looks like a cross between a cockpit and the inside of a blimp, you’ll get to relax, bird watch, and recharge your batteries before heading out to face the world again. Now wouldn’t you just love to make this your home?It’s called Mr. Plocq’s Caballon and was inspired by Emile Plocq, a bird charmer, which is exactly what you can do if you’re privileged enough to stay a few nights in such a beautiful retreat.

At Loire River estuary, you’ll find this wooden pod nestled safely on the banks, and it looks like it came from outer space. But there’s an almost submarine-like architecture that simply intrigues us.

Three architects, Aurelie Poirrier and Igor-Vassili Pouchkarevtch-Dragoche, and Vincet O’Connor, put their heads together and came out with this floating boat design and a cockpit that allows guests to take a peek at the exterior.

The annual event, which is held by Loirestu, the local tourism board is a big hit in these parts of the wood, and the architects really wanted to bump up the wow factor by designing a movable house that was super fun.

You can spend the entire day bird-watching. You can also just sit or lay in bed and bask at the sky and trees and the nearby river, cause, why not? You came here to relax, didn’t you?

Everyone was mesmerized by the intricate details, and were even surprised by how much space there was, despite the actual size inside the cabin.

The door rotates 360 degrees behind the bed and the airlock door will ensure that you never have to deal with anyone interrupting you while you’re doing your business.

Once the double swing doors open up vertically, the steps will simultaneously fold down to the ground in an almost futuristic way. It’ll feel a bit like you’re Buck Rogers getting back on your ship.

There are two private compartments. One is the bedroom and the other is the bathroom, both of which have a wooden door to ensure nobody sees what you’re doing.

You might even frighten a few locals who’ll definitely think that an alien ship really has landed in their field. Now wouldn’t this make for a cool selfie?

There’s a vanity for you to wash your hands, shave, and even brush your teeth. The only thing that’s missing is that personal touch that you’d bring when you brought your toiletries over.

This toilet doesn’t flush. It just lets you sit and do what you need to do. It was also designed in such a way that every time you flush, the bowl collapses, twists and in order to wrap and hold it until it can be discarded.

You can waste a few days enjoying the sights and forgetting about everyday life, which is very easy when you’ve got so much greenery and a lake in front of you.

A guest inside this pod can sleep under the stars if they’d like and wake up to the beautiful rays of the sun hitting their face in the morning. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about any wild animals attacking you while you sleep. Now this could definitely revolutionize the way we go camping.