Woodpecker Mistakes Cop For A Tree, The Results Are Painfully Funny.

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Woodpeckers' bills are naturally designed to drill in to trees. The bill is a chisel-like tip that can make a hole in the tree in order to extract worms, lizards, bird eggs, beetles, ants, and other insects. They do this by hitting its peak against a tree at 20 times per second. This small bird is quite antisocial as well, choosing to only cohabit with their species when breeding but otherwise show aggressive behaviours towards others. One bird in Lodz, Poland, is either having a difficult time differentiating between a tree and a human or it simply prefers the softer surface of a person than that of wood. A woodpecker landed on the shoulder of an animal control officer who did not seem to mind the feathery animal was using him as pecking practice. The unit posted the video online to show what a hard day at work looks like.