Hidden Cameras Reveal The Silly Things Employees Do When No One’s Watching.

Hidden Cameras Reveal The Silly Things Employees Do When No One’s Watching. February 24, 2020

It’s probably not the most motivating thing to work a minimum wage job. Employees make their dissatisfaction known in silly ways. They probably won’t ever receive an award for employee of the month, but at least they can make us laugh a bit.

Bananas can definitely be described as “long yellow things.” But why would they put that on the price tag? Maybe the employees were playing a game that day, or maybe they were in a country that never had bananas before. Maybe someplace like Greenland? If you ever see someone doing what’s in the following image, just go the opposite direction.

This is exactly what it looks like to do the wrong thing while handling flammable materials. His first offense is not wearing a safety visor. His biggest failure, though, is doing this right next to two pressurized tanks. If he can’t figure out that throwing sparks in their direction is a bad idea, he needs his business license taken away from him. This next guy probably caused you not to get your brother’s Christmas card.

Mail carriers deserve all of our respect. They provide us with a service that we always seem to take for granted. We act as if they don’t even exist. It looks like this postman wants to show people how invisible he feels, so he stopped delivering mail to check his phone. This next picture shows us the most horrible life hack.

There must have been some pretty serious event going on for this to happen. But it looks like they’ve gotten it under control and aren’t stressing it anymore. The person who took control of the situation must have assumed that plastic wrap can handle even the toughest of jobs. Make sure that if your pizza guy is named Cody, you tip him extra well.

Cody has a lot of wit. We like Cody and his cleverness. It appears that Cody is bored working at a pizzeria so he passes time by giving himself pizza names. His managers don’t seem to like him as much as we do, though, considering they banned him from having a bit of fun. Let this next picture serve as a reminder to always pay attention to street signs.

If this was our vehicle, we’d be less than amused by the new paint job. But we also wouldn’t park our car in a place that’s clearly marked with warning signs of the painting that would be taking place. So maybe the worker’s paint job is a bit justified. At least it looks like racing stripes, which is kind of cool. If you’re a woman, you understand that there are creepers everywhere you go…even the supermarket.

It’s probably not the best job to work in a grocery store. But taking pictures of unaware customers probably isn’t the best way to make the time pass faster. This employee decided to take pictures of obviously beautiful women, but we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t be too happy if they knew about the amateur photographer behind the register. If you’re a candy lover, you may want to scroll past the next picture.

This is what it looks like when an employee can’t be bothered to do their job right. Instead of pouring the candy into the dispenser, they just shoved whole bags in there. Honestly, they’re probably just doing us all a favor. Who mixes Skittles and M&Ms together anyways? This next lady sure doesn’t care about consequences.

We’re all guilty of wanting to take a nap at work. There are even some companies out there that have sleeping pods for their employees, but most of the time employers will just fire you right then. Fortunately for this woman, her walls are high and her desk was big enough to take a quick cat nap. This next picture might interest you if you’re a Christian.

Two things could have happened here. The first, and most likely of the two, is that the employees weren’t paying attention to where they were putting the wine. But we like to think that Jesus decided to show up and do his favorite party trick of all-time by turning water into wine. The next image effectively shows the “you had one job” meme.

When you have a job that needs to be done that involves fragile materials, it’s the best idea not to hire people that are illiterate or lazy. But that means the HR department would actually have to put in some work. Maybe this company would rather just pay for expensive insurance, instead of counting on HR to do their jobs. Are these next movies on your watchlist?

Whoever put up the movie titles on this marquee must not have been happy with either of the movie choices, so they wanted to give patrons more than those options. And who could argue with titles like Suicide Party and Sausage Squad? They both seem like great flicks to watch. If you were an employer, what would you do if you caught your employees doing this?

It looks like the employees at this hotel seem to live on the dangerous side of life, and have complete disregard for rules. They’re rebels, or they don’t read very well. Either way, imagine the look on their employer’s face when they see how their employees stack chairs where it clearly says not to. If your sense of humor is a bit childish, this next picture is for you.

You can’t help but giggle when you see this picture. It looks like that whoever did this tried to write spearmint, but there wasn’t enough room and they couldn’t spell it right anyway. But it’s more than likely that this employee just likes to play pranks and there are price tags like this all over the place. You might want to think twice about ordering out for pizza.

This pizza delivery driver works for a company that prides themselves on their “30 minutes or less” policy. If they don’t make it in that time, the price of the order is taken out of their paycheck. We’re assuming their wages aren’t the best to begin with, which is why she jumped out of her crashed car and ran to the house on foot. She wasn’t going to be late, that’s for sure.