34 People Having Way Too Much Fun At Work. #11 Is Brilliant.

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Guarding the ice pigeons that took him all morning to make.

It’s a fact that the average adult spends most of their day at their job. With the work hours, and commute, there is very little family time during the week. And with getting to spend hundreds of hours with colleagues, you probably know who has broken up with whom, who the office gossip is, and even the person that brings the best dish at the Christmas pot luck. If you are lucky enough, you love your job and have a great group of co-workers. This makes the day go by a lot easier and faster. Although, there is a disadvantage of liking your peers. You may be getting into mischief while also affecting productivity. Here's some employees having way too much fun. I don’t know what the bosses would do to us if we ever pulled #15 on them.


Putting stretchers to good use.

Having a sense of humor.

Boss is gone, got to check Facebook and balance coffee cups.

No one will ever miss those paper clips anyway.


Just passing time until lunch.

Manager out sick. Time to make funny signs.

Hoping the supervisor doesn't walk in now.


How to welcome your coworkers as they arrive when the boss isn't looking.

It's absolutely true.

Best break room prank ever.

How this K Mart display worker really feels about the holiday.

Neither is the site manager.

Just keeping it confidential.


Keeping productivity low but morale high.

Getting paid hourly.

Having a beer on company time.

Manager called in sick. PARTY TIME!

Mannequins have feelings too.

It took her an hour to make this.

Welders like to have fun too.

Just another day at the office.

This is just one sign at a DMV.

This is why your burger will be a little too well done.

Took him all day to make this sticker. Now has to go to lunch.

The reason Post-Its have to be hidden from employees.

What this customer service employee does when she puts you on hold.

Having a very important meeting.


You should see the rest of the office.

Just washing the truck and entertaining himself.

What he always does when no one is watching.

The reason this bus is always late.

King of the boxes.

He has to do this to keep his Instagram page fresh.