One Million Children Gathered To Do THIS For World Peace, And It’s Awesome.

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This is the scene at the Shammakaya Temple on V-Star Change the World day.

Every year, something incredible happens in Thailand, on such a grand scale that it's almost hard to believe. It's a project called "V-Star Change the World," and it gather children from across the country together at one massive temple so they can all meditate in harmony. It's not just a few schools, either: More than 5,000 school participate in the event, and collectively they bring together over one million children. The whole thing happens at the Shammakaya Temple of Thailand, and the images from the yearly event are so breathtaking, it almost looks like they're Photoshopped. Find out more about this annual communal meditation below, and what makes it so special to the people of Thailand.The event brings together over 5,000 schools and one million children to meditate at the same time.

The idea is to harness the power of meditation by practicing it en masse.

The purpose of meditation is to harness peaceful thoughts of goodwill and charity, bringing calm and a sense of well-being to those who practice.

There has been plenty of political unrest in this part of the world.

That's why it's so powerful for children to come together for something like this, proving that there is some light amongst the darkness.

The event has happened every year, but we're not seeing as much coverage of it this year.

For some reason, many Western news media outlets seem to have overlooked this positive and powerful story.

The temple is located outside of Bangkok.

As the city is extremely chaotic and crowded, it's awesome to see this large amount of space utilized by so many for a greater good.

Thai children are taught to meditate from a young age.

In fact, it's one of the most quintessential facets of the Buddhist religion.

They usually mediate at brightly colored temples like this.

Meditation is supposed to be a daily practice, and can be done alone, with a group, or as V-Star shows us, with one million of your closest friends.

The yearly event is a reminder that if we focus on enacting the positive, only good can come of it.

It reminds us of one strikingly powerful meditational mantra: “Focus on the light, you are the light.”