World War 3 Will Likely Start In This City.

World War 3 Will Likely Start In This City. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When the fall of the Iron Curtain fell in 1991, people around the world speculated that the tension and strain relationship between the United States and Russia would finally be put to rest. After all, for over 40 years, Americans, its allies, and the former Soviet Union and satellite states lived in a constant state of alert and readiness for the beginning of WWIII. Luckily, nothing ever culminated into full conflict. Political experts are concerned about curious and unexpected activities in Russia at the end of October. Even former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev who is a member of Club de Madrid a non-profit organization made up of former presidents and prime ministers from 65 nations warns, “I think the world has approached a dangerous threshold. We need to stop. Dialogue should be resumed. Stopping the dialogue has been the biggest mistake.”Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine and their involvement in Syria has been a topic of contention with the U.S.

The country held a four-day emergency drill.

It is speculated that over 40 million Russians took part in the emergency practice which included nuclear and chemical war scenarios.

The drills took place in collaboration with federal, regional, and municipal authorities.

The 100 ton missile is capable of wiping out land the size of Texas. The rocket is also capable of hitting targets flying across from the North and South Poles.

Analysts feel this is a distraction President Vladimir Putin is using to avoid addressing internal problems.

Speculation is that the United States will attack through the “Suwalki Gap,” a 60 mile stretch linking Russian Kaliningrad with Belarus, and Russia.

This does not mean the United States and its allies have any interest in going into war with Russia.

Many fear this is the beginning of World War Three.

->**Watch the Russian government’s nuclear and chemical war drill.**<-

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