World’s Biggest Cat-Lady Lives With 1,000 Cats In Her Home.

World’s Biggest Cat-Lady Lives With 1,000 Cats In Her Home. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Lynea Lattanzio is a 67-year-old woman in California with a passion in life. That passion is for cats and anyone that may doubt that passion needs only to take a closer look at her. She lives with over a thousand of the furry little creatures but it’s all for a good reason. Eventually Lynea had so many cats that she had to move out of her five bedroom house because there was no more room. Now, there are no small five bedroom houses around so you can only imagine what it must have been like in there. She ended up starting “Cat House On The Kings.” It’s a no-kill, non-caged cat sanctuary located in Parlier, California. All of the cats are taken care of and are available for adoption. A staff of more than fifty people cleans up after them, feeds them and takes the best of care of each and every cat. They even have a veterinarian, an ICU, and an animal hospital. They take in older or sick cats and help them out. The main goal for every cat, however, is to find them good, loving homes. If you live in the region and are looking for a new cat or two, it’s a good place to visit. They probably have the largest selection in the state!

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