World’s Most Handsome Man And His Newborn Baby Are Too Cute For The Internet.

World’s Most Handsome Man And His Newborn Baby Are Too Cute For The Internet. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Being called “good looking” or “attractive” is one thing, being dubbed as being “too handsome” can be difficult to live up to. With everyone’s differing opinions, it’s a lot of pressure to be called the “most” of anything. But that’s what happened to Omar Borkan. He was initially given the title of “most handsome man in Saudi Arabia” in 2015 and eventually was called upgraded to “the most handsome man in the world.” Well it looks like Omar won’t be the only “too handsome” man for long as he just brought the most handsome baby boy into our world! That’s right. Not only is he now married, he also has a new baby son!He’s an Arab man who eventually earned the title of being the “most handsome man in the world.”

Not only is he a model, he’s also a poet, singer, actor, and photographer. He’s a good looking man who has many talents.

Not only is he married, him and his wife just recently brought their son into this world.

He’s already began posting photos of him, his wife Yasmin, and his new son Diyab.

Here’s a close-up of his precious little Diyab. The heir to his father’s title, he is now the “most handsome baby in the world.”

She also happens to be one of the wealthiest women in the United Arab Emirates.

Not only was he born with great genetics, he was born into a cradle of gold. Who’s to say where little Diyab will end up in the future.

But instead of being sad that Omar is off the market, they should be happy that he is now the most handsome father in the world.

He was reportedly kicked out of the kingdom for being too good looking. However, it was later discovered that these reports were fake.

He revealed what really happened to have him “kicked out” of the kingdom.

“But it’s not a really bad incident, to be honest. It benefited me more than it did me bad.”

Omar and his friends were traveling in Saudi Arabia when they decided to attend a cultural festival in Riyadh.

Because he’s been working as a model since he was 18, a few girls at the festival recognized him and went up to him to ask for an autograph and a photo.

Once the crowd of female admirers grew a little too much, authorities intervened.

“They came and they asked me politely to leave the festival… Because it’s not really allowed to mix with girls there.”

“I was never deported,” he said. “I was asked to leave the festival, not the country.”

They claimed that the three men from the United Arab Emirates were “kicked out of the country” due to “fears their good looks would lead women astray.”

He was hoping that with his silence, his mystique would build as a model — and it did.

His Facebook page gained 800,000 likes. Today, he has more than two million likes!

“The first day the news was in the Asian world, and the next day it was in Mexico. That’s when we knew it was going viral.”

With their help, he was able to use the story to his advantage to help him further his career.

He has secured many modeling contracts, including a deal with Samsung as one of their product ambassadors.

Despite the incident helping him, he does wish to one day rid his “too handsome” title.

“I don’t like it much,” he said. “There’s so many people who are way better looking than me.”

Because one day your son will become the new “most handsome man,” and you’ll be retired from the title.

**If you understand Spanish and want to find out more about the couple and their new son, watch the video below.**

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