25 People Having A Way Worse Day Than You, #12 Should’ve Just Stayed In Bed.

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The odds of this happening are shockingly small, but such is life.

Everyone has their fair share of bad days, but some days are so bad that they make you wonder why you even bothered getting out of bed. These are the kind of days that are chockfull of accidents, bad luck, and unforeseen circumstances - and usually, they're the kind of days that end with a very large glass of wine. Below are 25 people who should have definitely called in sick, canceled their plans, and pulled the covers back over their heads. It doesn't get much worse than #16.

This is the opposite of resting in peace.


Hopefully she brought her cell phone up there with her.

It's a specialty pizza.

The saddest garbage man in the world.

He missed a crucial step.


She looks so defeated.

Somewhere out there, a convenience store is woefully understocked.

This didn't go as planned.


It's easy to tell who calls the shots.

Perfect for a peanut butter and suds sandwich.

The absolute worse possible way for your wedding night to end.


This milk just wanted to spite you.

That wasn't supposed to happen.


A new form of scrambled eggs.

Not embarrassing at all.

Parked forevermore.


This is the most eggs I've ever seen in one place.

This party was probably really fun.


At least the car still looks good.

Not the most delicious in the morning.

This repair didn't go as planned.


In the end, they just decided to go with it.


That's what he gets for showing off.

Of all the cars in the world to hit.