25 People Who Put ZERO Effort Into Wrapping Your Christmas Present.

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Every wrapper faces this issue every once in awhile.

Some people love wrapping Christmas presents and some hate it. Fortunately, for the people who hate it, there are people they can hire to wrap the gifts for them. However, it seems the people who wrapped the gifts below, neither love nor hate wrapping – they simply just don’t care about it. Saying that these people tried is an understatement but who knows, maybe they ran out of wrapping paper or just didn’t have the time to put into wrapping the gifts. Let’s just hope what is inside the present is a lot better than the outside.

Well you know you failed as a wrapper if you see this face on your recipient.

Talk about obvious.

How to turn birthday wrapper paper into Christmas wrapping paper.

A sock... what a brilliant idea.

A new meaning to gift bag.

Relax... it's just a vacuum cleaner.

I guess this is okay if the gift is for a Nicholas Cage fan, I think.

The perfect combo.

A smart idea for fragile gifts.

You shouldn't have!

I guess using electrical tape is unique?

Much wow.

It looks like there wasn't enough money after buying the gift for the wrapping paper.

Nice try, Dad.

Why not use all the wrapping paper in one!

That works.

LOL. That's just cruel.

When worst comes to worse.

Gee I wonder what's in there.

So close, just 2 holidays behind.

Interesting technique.

Thank... you?

Of course you got to let it breathe.

Is it coal?