Woman Pops A Massive Cyst On Her Wrist Using A Screwdriver.

Woman Pops A Massive Cyst On Her Wrist Using A Screwdriver. May 2, 2019

A video that was posted on YouTube in July 2016 has recently resurfaced. Although it’s a very graphic video that would have been better left in the past. The video was posted by YouTube user Nicolette Madanat. It appears she was suffering from an enlarged Ganglion cyst on her wrist. Instead of seeking medical attention from a professional, however, she decided to resolve the issue on her own. The video is pretty disturbing, but oddly satisfying to watch at the same time. It’s like that guilty pleasure you get out of seeing pus come out of a white head but super magnified.Warning: Before continuing, be aware that the following content will be very graphic. You might not be able to eat if you watch this.

The video shows a woman using a screwdriver to pop a huge cyst on her wrist, letting out yellow pus.

The footage shows a DIY version of a ganglion cyst betting bursted.

A ganglion cyst is a benign (harmless) ball of fluid. It usually grows on the back of an individual’s wrists or hands.

The video was uploaded by Nicolette Madanat from America. So far, it has gained a little over a million views.

In the footage, you will see a woman holding out her wrist while someone else’s gloved hand pokes the cyst with a 16 gauge screwdriver.

The other person sunk the screwdriver into the cyst for a few centimeters before pulling it out.

Once the screwdriver was pulled out, you can see a small drop of the pus dripping before the woman starts draining the fluid.

The woman used her thumb to press firmly on the back of her cyst to start the drainage.

As she pressed down, a yellow pus began slowly oozing out of the cyst. It came out in one long trail with the texture that looked similar to caviar.

The other person with the gloved hand then returned ten seconds later to push of the remaining pus.

After all the fluid was successfully drained, the woman (for some reason) decided to play with the excess pus (perhaps for the sake of footage).

You don’t need us to tell you how incredibly unsanitary and unsafe this is to do at home, especially with an instrument that was found tossed around in a toolbox. We’re hoping that she sterilized it.

If you or someone you know ever find yourselves in the same situation with an enlarged bump, you should immediately make an appointment with a medical professional.

Although it may look like this woman was successful, one should never take this type of matter into their own hands (unless they’re medically equipped to do so).

**To see the actual footage of the woman popping her cyst, watch the video below.**