24 Pets Who Hate Christmas More Than The Grinch.

24 Pets Who Hate Christmas More Than The Grinch. December 16, 2018

Christmas isn’t for everyone. It’s a holiday that invokes holiday spirit and cheer and it’s a time of giving and being positive. It may sound like a wonderful holiday to celebrate but that doesn’t mean it has the same level of appeal to everyone. We have lots of Scrooges in this world that hate Christmas and everything that it stands for — humans and animals (especially domesticated pets). Being a pet who doesn’t care for the holiday in a household that does can sometimes be an issue for the pet. They probably would care less if they were left alone. But it’s because they’re forced into Christmas activities, that they end up hating the holiday overall. Check out some of the funniest moments captured on camera of pets hating their lives, Christmas edition.Not everyone is excited to take this photo, ya know?

But with real animals and stuffed animals…

Much MUCH much happier than others.

But as you can see, he has a clear reason to be mad.

Well, it’s not like you can really fight the cat on this one.

He’s on the prowl to ruin another Christmas.

His facial expression says it all.

There’s only one culprit that should be held responsible.

This is the cat’s home now.

“The dog is inside our tree.”

“Need I say more?”

Her mini bows make her look just a smidge nicer?

He looks like he’s putting in a lot of work.

Not even for the holidays? You two are so selfish.

Does this look fun?! Actually, it sorta does.

I would be just as disappointed, bud.

You have been warned, don’t let your guard down.

That dog must of held in a lot of anger all year.

It’s almost too “sacrilegious.”

But you can’t blame him after being forced to wear that thing on his head.

And they find the box the bed came in more comfortable.

If you’re a cat owner, then you know.

This is just another day in his life, Christmas edition.

“So stop dragging me into your Christmas shenanigans.”