You Can Sleep Inside A Polar Bear’s Den For Only $246 A Night!

You Can Sleep Inside A Polar Bear’s Den For Only $246 A Night! March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There’s so many beautiful places to visit in the world that it’s hard to narrow it down to where you’d like to visit most. Whether it’s the pyramids in Egypt, or the vast jungles of South America, there’s adventure to be found around every corner of the Earth. If you’re one of those people that have a passion for traveling, and a love for animals, you may need to add France to your bucket list. Imagine if you could sleep right next to a polar bear! If that sounds like something you’d like to do, Zoo de la Fleche, has an amazing opportunity just waiting for you!The zoo opened in 1946, and now has a very unique perk. You can rent a room, where you can view polar bears, wolves, grizzly bears, and even white tigers!

The going rate for one night is a whopping $246, and they’re booked all the way through 2018. But for that price, you get the full five star hotel experience, and of course, you get to witness these beautiful animals up-close.

National Zoo and Aquarium, in Australia, allows guests to have a similar experience. If you’d like to have a bubble bath with a polar bear, or sleep next to a shark, this is the place for you!

In Jamala Wildlife, you can dine with lions or hand-feed giraffes. Ushaka Lodge is surrounded by trees filled with monkeys, and allows you the experience of hand-feeding sharks.

Allowing people to have such close contact with wild animals has afforded the zoos to stay afloat. With increased revenue, they can continue to take care of the animals.

“They’ll all end up following this model, which lets them increase their capacity to invest. Those which don’t evolve will see their visitor numbers drop,” she said.

It has three hotels at the park, with a room capacity of 900. One of their hotels even has a Chinese theme in tribute to their resident pandas!

Most of these animals are threatened in their own environments due to poaching, and climate change. They appear to be quite happy and their enclosures are rather large.

This is an incredible opportunity to share with a loved one. There’s nothing like spending quality time with someone and getting to witness some of Earth’s greatest creatures at the same time.

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