You Can Stay In A Massive AirBnB Potato In Idaho For $200 A Night.

You Can Stay In A Massive AirBnB Potato In Idaho For $200 A Night. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

You can find adventures nearby or in a far-off place, but you obviously need a home away from home. It’s why so many travelers rely on the oh-so-helpful Airbnb website to find them a nice place that meets the individual’s budget. But how would you feel about staying inside a giant spud? Well, for $200 a night, you can stay in The Big Idaho Potato Hotel!The 6-ton hotel is located right smack in the middle of a land that’s about 400 acres in South Boise, Idaho. It’s called The Big Idaho Potato Hotel and you can stay in this structure made of concrete, plaster, and steel.

When the Idaho Potato Museum showed interest in displaying it, Wolfe decided to turn the spud into something cooler like an Airbnb. As you can see, it’s small but has amenities like a bed, two chairs, and a shelf.

Of course, she had help from her mom and little sister because she’s not the kind of gal who likes hiring subcontractors to work on her renovation projects. But she did hire someone to spray foam the wall. But the mirror, the water basin,and bathroom were all Wolfe’s handiwork.

Visitors will have to pay $200 a night, plus $42 in taxes and fees. The space isn’t ideal for large families, but the 336 square feet interior does make a great place for couples. But if you’re claustrophobic, areas like this tub might make you hyperventilate.

It’s very minimalistic, but it’s also modern and chic. Wolfe is a DIY enthusiast who has managed to balance functionality and aesthetics in a pleasing enough matter, which was vital to making everything fit, including this fireplace.

If you need to wash your hands, you can count on a wash bin with hot and cold water. So, for anyone looking to escape the stress of modern life, this is truly a remarkable place that you just have to experience.

Sadly, you’ll have to bring your own snacks since there’s no kitchen to cook in. But the Airbnb does provide other items like bed sheets, towels, soap, and toilet paper to give each guest an unforgettable experience in a potato!

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