You’ll Never Figure Out How This Man Found His Girlfriend’s Stolen Engagement Ring.

You’ll Never Figure Out How This Man Found His Girlfriend’s Stolen Engagement Ring. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Making the decision to propose to the person of your dreams is a huge step for someone to make. You try to make the proposal something that your partner will never forget. You want everything to be absolutely perfect, including the engagement ring. The ring you choose is extremely important, especially if the ring you use is a family heirloom. This man had his worst nightmare come true when the heirloom engagement ring he was given, went missing.In fact, Nico was planning on asking her to marry him. After Nico and Caitie had been dating for quite a long time, Caitie’s father, Stuart Schlisserman, had a surprise for Nico.

“I joke that it was a not-so-subtle hint to get on with it already, but I think in reality he expected that after being together for seven years, I’d probably be proposing at some point in the future and he wanted his daughter to have a family heirloom,” Nico told PEOPLE.

He wasn’t quite ready to propose, yet. Nico wanted to wait for the dream vacation the couple was planning.

Because Nico wanted to keep the ring close to him, he withdrew the ring from the safety deposit box. He put the ring in a plastic bag, which was placed into a box, and into his backpack.

“When I dumped everything out and realized the ring wasn’t there, I ran to the bathroom and threw up immediately,” said Nico. He assumed that it must have been the movers that had taken the ring. He called them but received no response.

Nico drove to the airport in silence, having no idea what he was going to do. He texted Stuart saying that he had something to tell him in private. When they arrived at the airport, Nico ran inside to greet Stuart and quickly broke the news while Caitie waited in the car. “Not only was it this heirloom that was given to me by her dad to keep safe and I misplaced it, but her father was still recovering from his mother passing away just nine months earlier,” explained Nico. But Stuart was calm and told him they’d “figure it out.”

Nico decided to take a different route home to avoid traffic. At an intersection, he spotted a sign pinned to a tree on the side of the road. In big bold letters, it read: “Found Engagement Ring.” If they hadn’t gone to the airport to meet her dad and taken an alternate route home, Nico never would have seen the sign.

He texted the description of the ring and it was his! The good samaritans found the ring in a nearby alley where the movers were working. Nico assumed the movers must have thrown it out after thinking that the box only had a crumpled plastic bag in it.

But something told them to look into the plastic. Sure enough, there was a ring inside! “I didn’t even know the ring was missing until that morning. This all happened in the span of like two hours. I found out the ring had been stolen, I drove to pick up her dad and told him about it. The movers had to have seen it and thrown it away. Then my neighbors found it and almost threw it away, and then kept it. Then they put up this one sign, and it was the only sign they put up, on a street that I never go on,” Nico explained.

On New Year’s Eve, Nico proposed to Caitie in the city of love. Of course, she said yes! He was also able to finally tell her about the drama of the ring being lost and found.

“They actually don’t know they’re invited yet, because we haven’t sent out invitations and I haven’t seen them in the last few weeks, but I did text them after I proposed.” Congratulations, Nico and Caitie!

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