Young Mom’s Posthumous Facebook Post Is Touching Millions Today.

Young Mom’s Posthumous Facebook Post Is Touching Millions Today. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Heather McManamy passed away on December 14th, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. The 36-year-old left a moving, funny, and expletive posthumous letter instructing her family and friends what she wants said and done on her behalf. Her husband Jeff posted the letter on his wife’s Facebook page. McManamy instructs people to please not tell her four-year-old daughter Briana she went to heaven because it sounds like she made the choice. She explains, “I did everything I could to be here with her, as there is nowhere, NOWHERE, I would rather be than with her and Jeff.” She also wants those that were close to her to know that she did not “lose” and “battle” cancer. McManamy warns her love ones how much she looks forward to haunting them. Reading her letter will make you wish you had met this incredible woman. Her words on how to live and enjoy every second of our lives is truly an inspiration.

Hello all,I am posting this on behalf of the love of my life. These are her words. Much love to all. – Jeff… Posted by Heather McManamy on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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