Your Cremated Remains Can Be Turned Into A Vinyl Record After You Die.

Your Cremated Remains Can Be Turned Into A Vinyl Record After You Die. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Death is a touchy subject. No one really likes to think of what will happen to their loved ones when they leave this earth, let alone what will happen to the remains of their body. Nonetheless, a lot of people take the initiative of pre-planning their own funeral. It is after all, technically speaking, their event that they’re hosting — even if they’re not there for the actual event. So when the time comes, what are our options? There’s the traditional bury our bodies deep underneath the ground route and then there’s the cremation route. Cremating a body gives the loved ones a little more leeway as they get to choose what to do with those ashes. They could spread and free the ashes or keep it with them for eternity while contained in an urn. But what if we told you there were more creative and unique options?The Memorial Diamonds can be cut in different shapes and sizes.

People aren’t always able to travel the distance needed to visit their loved one’s graves.

A UK company called And Vinyly has put a “new spin” on what you can do with cremated ashes. They’ve invented a way to transform someone’s cremated remains into vinyl records.

After it’s sealed, it’s stuck there on the vinyl for eternity.

Imagine having an album to listen to whenever you are missing your loved one?

->**Check out the video below to see Vinyly founder, Jason Leach, explain his unique business.**<-

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