Your Ex Is Totally Sane Compared To America’s Most Extreme Stalker.

Your Ex Is Totally Sane Compared To America’s Most Extreme Stalker. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

To say break-ups don’t always end up amicably is an understatement. For some, the end of a relationship is only the beginning of heartaches and the emotional roller coaster. If one person is more invested in the relationship, he or she is more likely to want to salvage the union while the other is already planning their lives without that individual. Men and women both have stories of the “crazy ex” who did or said things that defy common logic. Bizarre behaviour from the ex only cements the feeling that it’s better to part ways. Still, some break-ups are worse than others. William Ryans of New Mexico has probably been traumatized from dating anyone again. The man thought his break-up with his girlfriend was going to be simple enough specially because they had not been dating for very long. He must have seen the signs that something was off but he didn’t realize to the extent of his ex’s instability.Albuquerque Police Department arrested Linda Murphy last week after an extreme case of stalking.

The 28-year-old called Ryan a total of 77,639 over the course of one week.

The police did not reveal if Ryan responded to any of her forms of communication.

Murphy has a history of obsessive compulsive behaviour. In order to accomplish her constant attempt to communicate with Ryan she stayed up 24 hours a day.

Her stalking was beginning to affect Ryan’s life.

Authorities believe she would have kept going with this behaviour further.

“He hasn’t been able to sleep, work or enjoy life in any way, for more than a week,” explains James Kilroy.

His lawyer felt it was time for the harassment to finally stop.

Many suspect the judge in Albuquerque will make Murphy go through a psychological evaluation.

Ryan just wants to be able to live without Murphy’s stalking him incessantly.

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