You’ve Been Applying Band Aids Wrong Your Whole Life, Watch The Proper Way.

You’ve Been Applying Band Aids Wrong Your Whole Life, Watch The Proper Way. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are things in our everyday lives we take for granted. Whether it’s clean water, paved roads, and a heated home, we owe all of that to the genius minds who wanted to make life easier and simpler. Some inventions of course have bigger impacts than others. Still, the innovation to try something different; to fix or improve something helps everyone in the end. [Crazy Russian Hacker][1] is not developing or designing anything new. He just tries to do things in a different, more fun way than before. For his latest YouTube video he is not exploding, cutting or doing anything dangerous but still begins with “safety is #1 priority.” You will be surprised at how he uses a household staple to fix his boo-boos. Even big Russian guys get hurt, especially when attempting dangerous stunts and [experiments][2] for his fans and followers. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/wine-hacks/ [2]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/peeps/These come in quite handy when you cut yourself cooking or a kid falls and gets a scrape.

Manufacturers have come up with a brilliant idea to help with the different wounds. Sell packs of various sizes for triple the price of regular bandages.

He relies on the larger adhesive pad. Depending on where you got hurt, he believes all you need is a pair of scissors to customize.

Folding the bandage over allows for maximum coverage.

He admits he has large hands so regular, smaller bandages just don’t do the job for him.

Earle Dickson who worked for Johnson & Johnson invented the Band-Aid® for his wife who used to cut herself all the time doing the house chores.

He covered them with crinoline. When his wife Josephine cut or burned herself she just cut up a strip of the ready-made bandage and place it on her cut or scrape.

Since then new designs have been released by various manufacturers.

This is the part that covers the cut so it’s important it is applied cleanly.

The Crazy Russian Hacker only buys one type of bandage. He can cut and make it work for the knuckle cuts as well.

->**Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker walk you through his Band-Aid hacks.**<-

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