You’ve Been Chopping Onions Wrong Your Entire Life. Look How The Pros Do It.

You’ve Been Chopping Onions Wrong Your Entire Life. Look How The Pros Do It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cooking doesn’t have to be ugly. It certainly shouldn’t make you ball your eyes out either. But when you’re cutting onions, it’s just inevitable. Sure you could totally work around it by taking onions off your menu completely, but that’s just wrong. Fortunately, a YouTube chef has discovered an awesome way to kick those noxious tear-causing gases in the butt and he’s sharing his awesome technique with you so you never have to shed another tear in the kitchen ever again. Well… unless it’s related to something other than onions.At least when you’re cutting an onion that is. So the host of YouTube’s “Cooking With Jack Show” decided to share his secret and it’s not a tear jerker.

In case you’ve been living under a cave or don’t cook, that’s where all the roots are. The other extreme looks like a ponytail in a way. Got it? Lets proceed. You will NOT believe how this man cuts onions!

But you’ll need a small knife before figuring out where you’re going to start cutting, which in this case just happens to be around the base of the onion.

Make sure and leave a thin circle between the root of the onion and the circle you make with your knife.

So stick the knife in at an angle and start cutting a cone shape out of the onion with a paring knife around a third of the way into the otherwise eye-searing veggie.

The cone you just removed is where the gas that makes you cry is contained. So now that it’s been removed you can cut the onion however you ‘d like without worrying about tears.

After all, what’s a few tears when you’re in a time crunch?

Yes! The cone shaped bulb removed from the onion will spare you from suffering from a faux emotional breakdown, but you’re also losing a good portion of the onion too. Unless, you chop it into the sauce, or dish you’re about to prepare. To each their own, huh?

Whether you’re a chef like Jack Scalfani or just someone that loves to cook with onions, your eyes will get bombarded by sulfur based chemicals that will irritate the heck out of your eyes and nose, which makes the cooking experience far less enjoyable.

But you can also soak the onions in cold water for an hour before chopping them or just stick them in a shredder without spilling any tears.

Now check out the master chef himself Jack Scalfani as he shows you just how simple tear-free onion cutting can really be on the video below.

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