Cruel Ex-Boyfriend Abandons Girlfriend’s Dog In Maryland So Stranger Drives Him Home To Kansas.

Cruel Ex-Boyfriend Abandons Girlfriend’s Dog In Maryland So Stranger Drives Him Home To Kansas. December 10, 2019

When your best friend happens to be of the furry variety, you would do anything to ensure their safety. You would do anything to make sure that they were happy, healthy, and well taken care of. If something were to ever happen to your fur baby, you would be devastated. But what would you do if you had absolutely no idea where your pup was? What would you do if the person you entrusted with your best friend couldn’t be located? I can tell you that it wouldn’t be easy, but this story will tell you exactly how a nightmare can be turned into a miracle.The pup ended up at the Caroline County Humane Society where they checked to see if he had a microchip in him. If a microchip was found, they would be able to see who the pup belonged to.

They couldn’t believe it when they found out where he came from. It looked like the pup had been on a long journey!

But there was only one way to confirm where he belonged. The Humane Society got into contact with the pup’s mom.

It turned out that they were right about the dog being taken on a long journey. The story the mother told them blew their minds!

But while on that trip, things had taken a turn for the worst. During their travels, Zimba’s mom broke up with her boyfriend.

He then did something that most would consider unthinkable. He wanted to hurt Zimba’s mother the way he was hurting.

He stopped answering any phone calls from Zimba’s mom. She had no idea where her beloved pup was!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t make the trip to Maryland, considering she had a full-time job and children. Luckily, Zach Holt heard the story, and decided he would take Zimba back to his mom in Kansas.

So, Zach and Zimba hopped in the car to make the 1,000 mile journey back to his home. What’s even more incredible is that Zach asked for nothing in return for his help, but the Humane Society raised some money to pay for gas and tolls.

He knew that the pup needed to be reunited with his family! What a beautiful ending to what could have been a heart-breaking tale.