Zen And The Art Of Raking Leaves Will Give You New Gardening Goals.

Zen And The Art Of Raking Leaves Will Give You New Gardening Goals. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Fall is known to be the season of beautiful leaves as they transform into various colors. Unfortunately, fall is also the season that all those beautiful leaves fall off trees. Many people love seeing piles of colorful fallen leaves on the ground but others always end up sweeping the leaves away and ultimately throwing them into the trash. But not in Japan. A new trend, “ochiba art” also known as “fallen leaf art” has arose in Japan. Instead of throwing the leaves away, people are using them as tools to create art! It’s a great way to bring life and art to plain sidewalks. Check out some of the contemporary leaf art pieces below.The fall leaves are the perfect colors for this pooh bear!

I’m sure there’s a butterfly out there somewhere that has this same color way and pattern.

The gradient looks like the fall version of a rainbow.

This is genius and so cute!

Leaf art isn’t just for outside environments, it can be on paper too.

If you don’t wanna hang a wreath on your door, just make one on the ground in front of your home.

The unison shape of each leaf is what makes this design look so subtly symmetrical.

When more elements are used into the art, the outcome is usually so worth it.

The perfect colors to get into the holiday spirit!

Sometimes, less is more.

It’s like leaf origami and it’s beautiful! Wouldn’t mind having these as home decor, you would never have to water them!

This is so detailed, whoever designed this must have very steady and precise hands.

Some designs are elaborate and others are simple. They’re all great and bring smiles to people’s faces regardless.

Notice that each creature in this picture are comprised of completely different leaves. It’s interesting to see how different of an image you can create depending on the leaves you use.

Branches are used for the whiskers and leaves for the eyes. The little girl next to it looks very pleased.

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