Zit-Popping Video Is Totally Disgusting, And Yet Weirdly Satisfying.

Zit-Popping Video Is Totally Disgusting, And Yet Weirdly Satisfying. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Imagine what would happen if you had a date, or a prom to go to. You had your heart set on styling your hair up or wearing a ponytail, or maybe you wanted to wear a dress that showed off some skin on your upper back. But wait! What’s that bump on the back your neck? Why of course! It’s a disgusting giant lump, ready to ruin the night. Because you never get pimples, cysts or blackheads when you’re alone in the house, bored, and have no plans to see anyone. Now what are you going to do? You need to get that thing out of you right away before it hits the brakes on your social life forever!This thing was humongous, and like a typical friend, one of them decided to take a closer look at this huge cyst that was growing out of her spine.

But first she had to sanitize the area and prep the skin. Ironically, she didn’t even bother using gloves. Just thinking about what was to come would make the hairs in the back of your neck stick out.

Bam! The cyst started oozing out icky white strings of vile liquid from a tiny hole like a waterfall of nastiness. It squirted all the way down her shirt, but her friend averted a fashion crisis by lifting the back of it and making sure all the ooze was cleaned up.

At least this burst wasn’t as bad as the first. It didn’t make it any less gross though. That cyst looked like it was oozing spaghetti strings of gore. Kind of makes you want to get off the internet forever. But no. You need to keep watching. You know you want to!

Fortunately, the bump hadn’t gotten smaller. Just a little more squeezing and this nightmare would be over.

It was like watching a soccer game, except for the soccer. And the players and the balls… Just nasty cyst popping madness. Fortunately, it was over! The pus was gone. So was the bump, and the girl could wear her hair up again without worrying about whether to introduce her new little friend, Mr Back Cyst, to the whole world.

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